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There’s definitely a stark contrast between maxi dresses and jackets but I distinctly remember being in the scourging summer heat in a warm jacket because the office I was working at kept their AC units at what felt like below normal room temperature. So even though these opposite don’t quite make sense now, it never hurts to shop for seasons in advance either because last seasons clothes are still cute, especially when they’re on sale :p

I was again approached my Luvlye to check out their items and share my honest opinions. As I was scrolling through their website, I was pretty impressed with the diversity of their collection which seemed to appeal to different fashion styles. I’ve always been one of those fashion girls with no exact style so these sexy fashion jacket choices of mine are sure to quench your every changing fashion cravings, as well.

Single Breasted  Color Block Outerwear

V Neck  Belt  Plain  Outerwear

Fashion Flower Printed Lapel Collar Loose Coat

When it comes to cozy maxi dresses, which is well in season right now, my top 3 picks are pretty straight to the point- it’s really all about the cuts and creating pretty silhouettes despite the maxi dresses being to know to be loose and sometimes frumpy. I’m so happy with the design options that Luvlye gives me because they play around with a lot of designs and fabrics which makes to easier to shop for beach trips, errands and even special occasions.

Sexy Fashion Floral Print Maxi Dress

Deep V Neck  Exposed Navel  Plain  Extra Short Sleeve Maxi Dresses

V Neck  Asymmetric Hem  Belt  Printed  Short Sleeve Maxi Dresses

Luvyle has a lot of other fashion options just waiting for you to discover them!

Enjoy your shopping,
Issa P.

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