KBBQ with Private Function Rooms Monster Grill – Lahug, Cebu City

I love Korean BBQ. I LOVE KOREAN BBQ. I love smelling like KBBQ. I love sweating like KBBQ. The anthem of my life is 7 Meats and yes, it is about KBBQ. Have I made my point yet? :p

Korean BBQ spots have been popping up all over the place over the last few years, each one with their own twist like buffet styles, over the top side dishes, insanely low eat-all-you-can prices and you name it!

But one thing that I have yet to encounter in Cebu has been private function rooms where friends and family can gather and soak up in all that good KBBQ smoke. (lol) However, all that’s changed very recently with Monster Grill by Lemon Tree Spa recently opening their doors in the Lahug area.

I don’t exactly know how we found out about this place (probably through a FB add or from one of Paolo’s cousins) but we were really glad that we did! We really like how spacious the area is and even when it was packed with people, we barely noticed any smoke and unlike other KBBQ locations, it wasn’t chaotic nor did it feel claustrophobic.

As I mentioned, my favorite thing about this KBBQ restaurant is that they have private room options located on the second floor with options for small, medium and large groups. Some rooms even have projectors where guests can discuss meetings and etc. The two times that we’ve been there (within a month, might I add), we requested for the private rooms and thoroughly enjoyed cooking, talking and being able to laugh boisterously without the fear of judgement from other diners.

Another thing that I also REALLY like about Monster Grill is the unusually thick cut of their samgyupsal. I’ve been accustomed to the thiner slices of samgyupsal so I was both intrigued and apprehensive about trying it but I actually really liked it. In fact, I might even like it compared to the usual.

I was also able to try out their beef cuts and it was pretty similar to the short plate at Pearl Meat Shop (but picture, better location!) so yes, Monster Grill is officially my favorite KBBQ place in the entire world. For now. :p

I will be completely honest though, I do feel like they scrimp a bit on the side dishes but we can’t really have everything so I’ll take what I can. But in fair, they also have a lot of food offerings which encourages diners to actually eat something else aside from their meat.

Monster Grill is located at the Tree Shade Spa complex in Lahug (beside Metro Sports). They have parking, a cafe, a massage parlour and a bar in the area, as well.

They also accept credit cards & reservations.

Operating times: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM everyday

Issa Gandionco

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