Lessons I’ve Learned From Taxi Drivers II – Alfred Lamberto

yesterday, i was walking along the road, unable to see anything from the drinking splurge we just had. I accidentally road the wrong jeepney and ended up having to get off somewhere and walk until i could find a taxi which was almost impossible during that time.

As i was walking, i passed by this Japanese guy who was balding and was skinny skinny skinny. I didn’t pay attention to him at first until he started following me and saying “EXCUSE ME MISS BEYUTIPUL” over and over again. It wasn’t til after 3 minutes that i realized he was talking to me [at first i thought he was on the phone]. When i finally stopped, he pulled out a notebook and asked me for my number.

I was like, “wtf this guy must think i’m a hooker or something” but before i could actually say anything to the hag, a taxi from heaven pulled over and i was safe.

when i got in, the driver couldn’t help but laugh at my predicament. He just kept laughing and laughing as i sat in the passenger seat with my arms folded.

“worse things have happened, kid.” he said to me.

“i’m pretty sure.” i replied.

then he started sharing a story about something that happened to him… [i love it when the open up first]

One day as he was parked outside a hotel, a Swiss lady in her 50’s got in the car. She told him to drop her off at the mall and like the good taxi driver he is, he did just that. On the way to there, the lady started talking to the driver, she

edit: eh, i kinda lost interest in making this episode. i’ll proli do it… never.

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