You can usually tell how I’m feeling by the music I choose to listen to in the morning. today, I’ve got John Mayer on while listing down groceries and what I have to do for the day. 

Coffee, TP, eggs, sandwich ham.

Meeting, proposals, respond to emails.

Yesterday I settled for Paramore and either it was mere timing or I just can’t listen to blaring music anymore but I was angsty and my head was aching the entire day.

Woke up, bitched at Facebook, bitched at Twitter, slept all day.

You’re watching TV in the living room in front of me. We don’t talk in the mornings most because I’m never awake in the mornings and I know you can get cranky. I’ll try in a little bit but you’re still soo pretty to watch and I can watch you all day.

I could write an entire collection about you. Just about you.

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