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Now Open: Aeropostale in Cebu

Aeropostale has finally opened it’s doors in the city I call home, Cebu!

(insert happy dance)

Walking into Aeropostale was a bit nostalgic for me. It reminded me of fresh Balikbayan boxes with brand new clothes and some tape with my name on it which signified that it was all mine. Yes, I am an Aeropostale girl- always have and always will be.

I learned to appreciate the All- American brand at a very young age. I started with the heritage tees with the word patching, bright colors and interesting prints which honestly set the standards for any of the graphic tees I choose to wear up until now. Fast forward to present times where my fashion collection is a little bit more vast than it used to be, I’m a sucker for their polo shirts, back packs, active wear, boots, socks, trinkets,tops- EVERYTHING!

Although Aeropostale is a popularly known American brand, finding something to fit our tropical weather will definitely not be a problem. They’ve got a wide range of designs to choose from which can easily bring out anyone’s playful fashion side. Whether you choose to channel your inner Californian sun loving babe with their adorable tote bags and brightly colored flip flops or kick back, Western style while sporting a plaid polo and leather boots or just chill in a snug hoodie, Aeropostale is the place to go!

Guys, you don’t have to feel left out either. As if you didn’t know this already, but they also house great looking (and fitting) clothes for men!

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about Aeropostale is the special area they created for their Live, Love, Dream collection.

From my understanding, Live, Love, Dream is a special collection of theirs that features active wear and intimates. It’s a haven for the sportier girls who love mixing a little femininity with all that muscle at the same time!

Dream Big!

Drop by the Aeropostale branch in Cebu on the ground floor of the New Ayala Cebu extension.

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