one hell of a weekend

bik, you have soo much catching up to do. lol

i’ve had a really long weekend. [friday – tuesday] monday was a holiday and i didn’t go to school today cuz i was only supposed to have half day classes and i figured that there really wasn’t any point in going since my school sucks ass. lol.

hmm.. ok, friday. friday was chabels birthday and i was supposed to go to RYPIT for the les miserables orientation but then jet called and cancalled it so i ended up going to ayala with josh and rae to go buy the rings and cuffs that we were going to use for our marriage booth on sunday.

wasn’t with bik 🙁

    i decided to NOT skip my saturday reviews and i actually woke up on time to go to school but for some reason i remember being pissed and spending 50 fucking pesos on a cab ride. fcuking mood swings. lmao. and when i got there we hardly had class cuz our teachers were too busy with buying shit for our tents to even attend our classes so instead of having reviews we did this…

played around with the gun from the police set i bought.

turned lesbian

before mothers strangle their daughters…
these are 100% fake!

after reviews:
we went to malou’s [bbq place] and then switched to jollibee where chabel caught up then we went to family park to set up the tents and decorate em [mmch tradition] and i got a pedi and mani and waited for james to pick me up so we could go to chab’s party together. but we ended up stopping by carlow’s place.

i’m graduating. omg. this is sad. 🙁 i’m too small to graduate!

jollibee is cool
and so is my face! lol


i am so going to miss this 🙁

saturday night up until sunday morning [7 am]
    was at chab’s. there was a little drama between her and ken but it’s fixed now. well, of course it is, ken got her an 80 gig iPod video, how couldn’t it?! hahah. lucky bitch.

    it was fun. kate’s back from manila and we just hung out, drank [didn’t get drunk. boo whore], watched she’s the man, and other shit. haha. happy biirthday, chabel! we love you :*

me, arden and kate

the worst part about this picture is that chabel isn’t even drunk
nor is she the least bit tipsy.
she was just there because she wanted to. HAHAH.
but we love you, chabel!

i was trying to snipe her boobs

sunday morning [7:30-6 pm]
    family day at the family park. haha. a lot of fun. i taught james how to play bingo. :]

    pictures nalang para dali.

me and kirsten.
choir buddy.
alto 2’s rock. [haha. i did not just say that.]

the almighty money maker!

someone killed all the super worms! 🙁

hahaha. i like this picture.

    i spent the whole day looking for people to come over, crying and fighting with james.always hated mondays. but we’re good now.

    went to the mall with mom. was supposed to open a bank account but we needed an id and some other shit so we coudn’t. since james and charles were there, we hung out nalang. lol. that was fun. i couldn’t do anything i’d usually do with james though cuz we were too scared with my mom around. thta kinda sucked but at least i was with him. :]

no fighting this week, ok?
we’re turning 4 on the 27th 🙂

the ultimate drama queen

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