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It’s that time of the year again where I’m on the look out for new clothes- affordable, new clothes, to be exact. This season, I’m particularly looking for cheap bodycon dresses, as I feel like it’s the perfect go to outfit whenever I’m out on official business meetings.
If you don’t know by now, I own a manufacturing business and while I am not required to wear a uniform at the office, power dressing is strongly advised whenever I’m out meeting fellow business owners and trying to close deals. I’ve found that dressing in nice, chic dresses are not only easy but send a powerful message to not only my clients but to my employees, as well.
During my searches, I was luckily enough to bump into, Selaros, an online shopping website is currently on sale! I was ecstatic to find out about them because they have so many cute outfits that are perfect for a woman like me who is always on the go!
Here are some of the items that I have in my check out cart:

Aside from the office chic outfits, Paolo & I have yet to go on our honeymoon and for the island creatures that we are- we’ve decided to go to on a Mediterranean cruise! Hopefully means lots of swimsuits, so I’ve also been on the lookout for cheap sexy swimwear. We haven’t booked anything yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare fashion wise! 😛

Travelling overseas can be so exciting fashion-wise because I really get to experiment with my choices and go the extra mile for photos and out of confidence that nobody really knows who I am.  Having said this, I kind of wanted to spice up my collection with a mix of one pieces, bikinis and nice silhouettes so hence my fashion choices:


The best part about the swimwear that I’ve chosen is that I can really imagine myself wearing them as separate pieces to the beach, too! They are soo cute and I can’t wait to get them in the mail!

I showed you my shopping cart, what’s in yours? 🙂

Issa G.

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