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Pretty In Paint: A Summer Polish Party With Beauty & Butter

This summer if my skin won’t be able to sparkle under the sun (, at least my nails will 🙂

Beauty and Butter, Cebu has just released their new nail polish collections from Ruby Wing and Zoya and I, along with my Cebu Fashion Bloggers family, were a few of the lucky ones to attend their Summer Polish Party at their outlet at the SM Norhtwing, Cebu.

Now, these two collections are ma(g)nificent pieces on their own. Most polishes are known for their distinct colors but that’s not the only case with these babies. Ruby Wing’s Cupcakes and Champagne collection not only sparkle and not only change color under the sun but they smell like cupcakes, too! (FAQ: Does the smell go away after a few days? Answer: NO!)

CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE HOW MUCH FUN I HAD PICKING MY NOSE? Was that too much? Sorry, but it really was magical!

And if glitters and gold aren’t your thing, Zoya’s Pixie Dust collection might just do it for you.

If you’re a fan of caviar nails minus the caviar (because those things can get soo messy!), you will definitely love this nail polish… and the zesty or corporate shades to choose from. The Pixie Dust Collection is “infused with magic and wonder!” and leaves your nails with a sandy texture leaving out the need for a top coat or random beads falling of everywhere.

Now this is the part when you will see pictures of my man hands and fortunately for me, none of my feet. Viewer discretion is advised. lol!

When it was my turn with my Buttercup, Jehan, she fixed me up with a power mani-pedi to face the relentless week that was ahead of me. My weapons of choice:

Chocolate Mouse from Ruby Wing for my hands and

Destiny from Zoya

Left: Unexposed nails
Right: Ruby Wing manicure after being placed under the sun
Photo credits to: Macro Diala of
With CFB’s: Rabsin of, Yves Camingue of and other media at Beauty and Butter, SM Northwing, Cebu

And I think it’s just fair that if I’m not going to show you a picture of my horrible feet (just yet), that I would share a little something with my readers. I think it’s really awesome that I get invited to events and what more go home with a bag full of goodies so in order to spread the joy, I’m going to be giving away a PHP 500.00 GC to Beauty and Butter! All you have to do are the following:

[1] Like the following on FACEBOOK

Beauty and Butter


[2] Follow the following on TWITTER

Beauty and Butter


[3] Follow the following on INSTAGRAM



[4] Leave a comment below with the following information:


Facebook url:

Twitter name:

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Winner will be chosen at random on March 10, 2014 (Monday) at 9:00 PM

Good luck everyone!

Now, I’m giving away stuff so that gives me a free pedi picture pass! Deal? Deal!

Outfit post SOON! :*



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