Pro’s of quitting smoking:

– I don’t have smokers breath anymore

– My clothes and anything I lean on have stopped smelling like someone burned me alive

– There’s more room in my bag for idk, whatever little space a cigarette box takes up

– Everyone is so proud of me


– My skin has been going through these horrible break outs

– My teeth have turned yellow! eek


– I have to deal with uncomfortable social situations now

– I’ve become a raging hormonal bitch

– I am always hungry or eating┬áJUST BECAUSE

– I’ve lost the “sexy” in my voice

So in general, I really don’t know if there’s more good or bad in all of this. On the brighter side, I won’t die of lung cancer… instead I’ll die from something else. Ultimately, I will die however. Not cuz of cigarettes. But I’ll still die.


Fat Issa

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