quoting feelings

once upon a time, a little fabulous someone wrote,

“the rain doesn’t quiet give me the same high as it used to. Its different to want something despite knowing you; regret it in the end. i’ve lost the thrill of it all. Life doesn’t give me the same reasons to live as it used to anymore and i guess, i just expect more.

but life on the downlow can be ok not justsometimes but most of the time. i’ve lived with the fact that i am no one to everyone. that i dwell in with the walls and that i have to crawl on my knees just to get by. this is my life. i live to love it. i’m forced to.”

i’m sorry. it’s a PMS thing.haha.no, not pre marital sex. not yet. HAHA

anyways, mom’s been beng a bitch lately so i haven’t been able to go onl,ine

owell, ujbye migupel’s getting annuoying

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