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Say I Do with Top Wedding (

I will be very honest with a lot of you; I am one of those “cannot-wait-to-get-married” kind of girls.  I cannot wait for the day that I finally get to say “I Do” to that man of my dreams that my heart aches a little bit every time I find out my friends or at least people I know have beat me to it (which is on a weekly basis!)

And if it wasn’t cheesy enough, I have a rough estimate of what my wedding dress will one day look like, the set up of my reception and ok maybe, just maybe, the man I want to marry… because you know…  that is kind of a tiny HUGE aspect. Hahaha.

When it comes down to wedding shoes and wedding accessories though, I always find myself going endlessly through Top Weddings website. They’ve got a really great way of categorizing everything a bride could possibly need from the wedding gown, the venue, fabric- down to the price ranges!

As for their wedding shoes, they cater a lot of choices such as lace, satin, crystal and ivory shoes so every and any bride can be sure to find the perfect pair on their special day!

Here are my top choices:


Blue platform wedding sandals with floral strap

– I don’t really know what kind of shoes brides wear during their weddings but I always imagined myself as a modern day bride in the classic white with a pop of color.

Blue is always a good hue since it’s not too flashy and it still has a certain elegance to it. Not to mention, that floral accent is just the right amount of sexy. Definitely perfect for any modern day bride!


Lace overlaid pleatherwedding pumps with ribbon in ivory


Round toe lace overlaid low heel wedding shoes in purple


As for these two, I just think that they are very chic and timeless. If I ever got married in these shoes, I’d probably still wear them out- post wedding day! 😉

Check out more about Top Wedding and make sure to check out their wedding accessories! I saw this bridal jacket… and died.

cheap bridal veil

Now, who wants to marry me? 😀



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