school is not cool

i haven’t been able to update ever since that one time in bohol because i’ve been swamped with school stuff. no, just kidding. it’s cuz i basically haven’t had the time to. this is what sucks about school, i hardly get to blog but yeah, look back – i’ve never skipped more than a month… unless i was grounded. and for those avid readers, lagz blogs for me when i can’t so, this place won’t be so lonely.

as for me, i don’t think i’ll ever be lonely again <3 :]

anyways, school has officially started and my high school life is almost FINALLY over. well, school just started, i have like 10 months to go but still, the thought excites me. lmao.

i’m in 4th year Platinum with Jet, Jed, edgar, dj, toshio, neil, samantha, gervise, renette, rodeena, jessica and some other people i don’t really remember cuz… yeah, i don’t care. Teacher Brazil’s our homeroom teacher and she’s sooo idk, on top of things. she has OCD, i think. she wants to know everything that goes on in the classroom and she’s soo systemized. we even have an exit and entrance door. geezus. this year’ll be veeeeery interesting. pak.

and NO, LAGZ. I’M NOT SIP2 CUZ I GET EXTRA POINTS IF I AM. I’M SIP2 CUZ I CAN GET AWAY WITH BEING SIP2. hahahahahahaha. jk. yeah, maybe i am. but it’s only cuz i sit in the front and cuz it’s still the start of school. just you wait, i’ll be back to the normal issa who doesnt care about anyone [except for lagz] that everyone loves and cares for. hehe. jk. or not. haha.

whateve. i don’t wanna talk about school. nothing interesting. no new students just really annoying oldies. DAWN LOOKS LIKE SUCH A SLUT NOW – OMG! and yeah, that’s it.

our batch doens’t own the third floor anymore though so that kinda sucks but whatever. lol.

playing tennis in a bit. just like what sir james just said. :]

bye bitch

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