She’s leaving tomorrow =,(

But it’s gonna be just fine!! not really cause i’m gonna miss her. but we saw each other just a while ago! pumunta ako sa bahay nila to get my cable for my ipod[nice excuse, huh?]… nyways, her parents allowed me to go so yeah!! at least they allow me to go to their house nah! i just love the thing that happened in i.t park with papa-lander & issa cause they had the “james talk” and yeah tito lander said we can hang out! so yeah! whatever!!! [wait, she’s letting me call her at this point. gotta call her] she wants to hear me say goodnight and goodluck in her wetdreams ahahahahaha. jk!! mwah!!! i think i’ll go now!! im tired!! bye LOSERS…

bik <3

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