Shopping at BerryLook

I’ve been obsessed with online shopping for a long time which you will blatantly see on my socials, specifically my instagram (@issaplease).

I love the fact that getting your hands on beautifully made, uncommon pieces is now possible with a simple touch of a finger and it’s just like Christmas whenever a new package comes to the front door!

Lately, I’ve been eyeing and checking out pieces from a website called Berrylook because of their elegant yet not too over the top pieces which are super affordable.

They’ve got a lot cheap clothes for women and their pieces are definitely something I can imagine myself in. Like this trench coat in the shade of olive green.

I’d definitely wear this on an international trip somewhere cold!

They’ve also got a great selection of cheap maxi dresses like the one above which would be great for the holidays or any other occasion you’d like to wear it to.

It has such a great flow and the details are so beautiful. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

What do you think of these pieces? Would you wear them?

Check out Berrylook for more pieces like this!


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