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I’m a strong supporter of feeling good about ourselves, taking care of our health through healthy lifestyles & fitness and that added support, if we feel like it is absolutely necessary.

I’m not going to lie- I’ve used body shapers in the past and I still do such as cinches & waist trainers while I’ve toyed with the idea of padded underwear in the past. Depending on what I’m wearing, sometimes I feel like these articles of clothing help emphasize our natural curves and help us feel more confident with our bodies especially if you’re like me who has a pouch! Insert recent internet search: best waist cincher for women

I was recently contacted by Feelingirls to check out their collection of items dedicated to fitness and shaping and I was definitely interested in what they have to offer. While I haven’t checked anything out yet (not necessarily a part of this months’ budget), I still wanted to share my favorite items just in case it was something you were looking for. I was particularly curious about finding the “best fitness leggings for women” since I am currently shooting a health video for Bayhana so I hope you liked my choice!

Here are my top 3 items:

I’m in love with the dual layers of this cincher and the snake skin design. It feels like there’s enough support especially for the back and I really like the sleek design.

I first saw leggings like this during my episode with Raine Baljak and I really admired the “airiness” of the design. I was never curious about this design until I saw it with my own eyes and now, I really want my own pair!


I’m not quite familiar with this product but it is definitely under the category of hot panties online sale it seems like it’s a breast lifter and body shaper at the same time. I like how this piece accentuates the hips without the use of hip pads but instead creates the illusion of wider hips through the fabric and materials that they use.

Remember, it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin but don’t pressure yourself to have what others may perceive to have the “perfect body”. If these items help you on your journey, please indulge yourself but never doubt that you are beautiful in any and every angle!

Issa G.

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