Swimming, Drowning, Surviving Feat. Chan Tan Photography


I am no Gabriella Montez so I do not soar nor do I fly and the stars are not always within my reach. Instead, I swim through life often to find myself drowning in my own sea of fears and troubles and I try to come out of it alive. I do not emerge from the waves, I crawl gasping for life.

That is probably not something you want to hear from someone who look up to or someone or from someone you adore but in the least, I try to look good. Working term: try.


It’s true, I have my troubles and I swim with them, against them and when I face them- I try my best not to let them consume me and shallow me whole. And I think that’s the OK part about it all, that I acknowledge them. Acknowledge that they might never go away, but at least I know they exist and I am working on my strokes.

I’m a guppy, swimming with the big fish but I’ve got a hear of a Great White and maybe one day, I will be one. But until then, I am going to enjoy the current whether I choose to swim with it or against it. Of course, I will attempt to swim against it, that’s what I do- I test my limits.


There is a great big ocean in front of me and I am certainly not going to spend my time floating around in the same place, doing the same things in shallow waters. That’s not where the most mysterious, adventurous, majestic and beautiful creatures thrive.


Photography by: Christian Chan| Underwater photography by: Bo Mancao| Location: Mandarin Hotel


Keep swimming,


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