Styling A One Piece As Outerwear

Honestly, this isn’t my favorite trend. I thought I would like it but apparently, I am extremely uncomfortable about showing my tata’s, no matter how little, to the world. So will I wear this one piece again? Probably not. The bottom wasn’t to snug either anyways. Well you win some, you lose some. But let these photos show to the world that you CAN wear a bathing suit as outerwear, depending on the occasion, of course.

Sometimes I question my question my fashion choices.


Issa P.

Not So Dirty Laundry

My summers are always a little behind in terms of Philippine weather well, either that or they always seem to be a little longer than expected (on account of visiting family). But if it means getting to lounge in a bikini regardless if it’s a gloomy or a sunny day, I really can’t complain! Life seems to be much better when you’re wearing something bright and playful, anyways.
For this beach trip, I was glad to have brought my Laundry Clothing crotchet bikini with me which coincidentally matched the pastel blue hotel walls perfectly. In reality, I wasn’t able to swim on this trip because… uhhh… anyways… but being to sport this piece for at least a few hours still made it well worth the trip!


For your very own crocheted bikinis, make sure to get them from Laundry Clothing!

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Issa P.

Bikini Talk


I’ve always had a fascination for bandeau bikini tops because they look so easy to wear and they don’t leave you with a weird tan line that you have to explain again and again to your friends. Being on the petite but bustier side, finding the right bandeau top has always been quite of a challenge that I’ve had to face. Also, if you do your research, you will discover that bandeau’s aren’t made for my body type and function better on smaller chested women.

But I have learned a thing or two in my search for the perfect bandeau top and I’ve realized that the tube types that come with straps are my favorite kinds so far. With bikini tops like this, I do not have to keep pulling them up while I’m swimming and they don’t expose any boobage that I don’t want anyone to see. However, when I do plan to do more activities while in a bikini, you will definitely find me in a halter top.


  • Like any piece of clothing, swim suits are definitely one of the top things you should invest in along with your unmentionables especially because swim suits are your lingerie that everyone can see so you want to make sure that you keep what should be hidden… hidden.
  • Opt for spandex or neoprene pieces that don’t get ruined easily and are easy to maintain and make sure to run them through water after you take a dip. This prevents bleeding of any colors that might be on your bikini thus making it last a lot longer.


  • Fit your bikinis before you buy them and make sure you can move around in them with ease- try sitting, raising your arms up and probably bending over to get that good range of protection. Opt for protection first and design second. What use is a cute bikini when you’ll get covering yourself half the time?
  • Try bikinis that you can mix and match. One of the best things I’ve ever gotten were black bikini bottoms because I can pair them with anything! I’m a medium on top and a small on the bottom so this also helps me when dealing with mismatched sizes.


  • Consider your tan line.
  • Be confident in your bikini of choice. Own it, rock it. BAHALA NA ANG BILBIL!


Bikini top: Lulu Ef/ @lulu_ef Bikini bottom: Department store brand


Happy basking,


Bikinis Out!


Based on the amount of sweat that has been coming out of my body the past few weeks, I think it is safe to say that it is finally summer!

And unlike last year, I will be on time with my summer and bikini photos since I will be able to celebrate it on Philippine time. So yey for all the beach trips I can’t wait to go on and all the bikinis I am so excited to wear!

For our first trip, a group of friends and I went boating while others went diving a little off the island of Mactan. I love diving and I definitely would have gone had it not been for this insanely huge purchase I recently made that has left me broke. Boo but it was totallyyy worth it. So instead, I decided to enjoy the sunshine while Paolo painstakingly took my photos. #instagramhusband.not



Halter Bikini: Reblogshop_swimwearFull length kimono: Let’s StylizeSunnies: Sunnies By Charlie


Enjoy the sunshine- it’s free,


Cool For The Summer

It’s FINALLY my time to enjoy the wonderful beaches of Cebu and spend the summer, even if I am a couple of months behind. Thankfully, Cebu is mostly sunny and the beaches are just a couple of hours away. On my side of the world, summers come a little later and are occasionally accompanied by rain showers but still lots of fun. I think I’ve mentioned it before but summer’s are our busiest season business-wise which should pretty much explain itself. Nevertheless, my bikini shopping has always been on time and as you have and will see in my next posts to come, I have stocked up on this seasons’ bikini craze: the neoprene bikini.

 Neoprene, which was initially only used on wet suits, is made out of a thicker material as compared to your everyday spandex bikinis. They first became popular when Triangl came out with their collection of neoprene bikinis and they have been a big thing “fashion wise” ever since. Honestly, I could never imagine myself splurging P5,000.00 on a bikini so I did what every other thrift ass woman would do and I bought a knock off. It did feel a bit flimsier as compared to the original one but as long as it wasn’t ripping at the seams, then I didn’t really mind.

If you haven’t bought a neoprene bikini yet and you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, here are a few tips that I have for you:


Make sure to fit your bikini. Especially the bottoms.

Neoprene isn’t a very graceful material and it kind of makes it own rules. It’s important to fit the bottoms to make sure it covers what it needs to cover, if you know what I mean. I opted to just wear my neoprene top and skip the neoprene bottoms for….  that exact reason.


Dry your neoprene bikini ASAP and do not leave it in a wet bag for long periods of time.

So in case you’re wondering, I was the fool who left her bikini in a wet bag for 3 days- my bad. In the midst of my crazy life, I made the mistake of forgetting to remove my bikini from my bikini bag thus causing the glue to seep out. If you scroll down, you’ll see a few weird blotches because of it. Don’t make the same mistakes, friends. Just don’t.


Expect to sweat.

Neoprene is also quite hot to wear. Air doesn’t really get through your bikini so do expect some dew-ing in some places like your boobs and butt. Of course, this shouldn’t bother you when you’re in the water.


Explore the designs.

There aren’t a lot of designs to choose from when it comes to the neoprene designs, it’s mostly a play of colors than cuts and what not which is still pretty cool. If you’re a busty girl like me, the halter designs are amazing and will keep whatever needs to be kept in place. The bandeau tops are also pretty good and they hold better than spandex bikinis but don’t expect to be able to do a lot of jumping or playing around in it. Bikini tops with an under wire are also a great option especially if you want to show off your hooha’s. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.


Neoprene bikini top: Zandralen