Lucky 8: Eat All You Can for P888.00 @ UNO, Waterfront Cebu

CAFE UNO, which is located at the ground floor of Waterfront Cebu, is and has always been one of the premiere聽dining destinations when it comes to class and quality food and service. Although Cafe Uno has been around for quite some time, having garnered the loyalty of avid foodies, there is still a common perception that hotel food can be a bit pricey. And I can’t lie, there might be聽some聽truth in that, but I believe that some things in life are worth spending for and that you always get your money’s worth especially from a prestigious hotel chain.

But now, at P888.00, food lovers can finally enjoy their famous buffet without having to worry about breaking bank. At this reasonable price, you can now take advantage of their buffet that highlights the best food all around the world like sashimi from Japan, lechon from the Philippines, laksa from Singapore, pasta from Italy and many more!

For those who are thinking that their food selection might not be as huge as compared to the common trend of buffet chains lately, you can expect that each dish at Cafe Uno is always up to par. Quality over quantity is what I always say 馃檪

Here are a few photos from my recent trip there:






Salad bar with fresh vegetables, cold cuts and cheese- the perfect appetizers



Japanese station with tuna sashimi and different maki rolls





The Filipino station with all our homegrown favorites




The Chinese and Singaporean section where you can create your own soup dish


Pasta section




DSCF2314Drink all you can beer


For more updates and promos, follow Watefront Cebu on Facebook

This post made me hungry,

Issa Perez

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Paluto All-You-Can- Cook. Eat. Repeat @ Isla Sugbo Seafood City

Seafood City’s latest offering for the month of October is a gastronomical experience like no other. For P680.00聽you can enjoy their聽PALUTO All- You- Can聽which includes their seafood, meat and a fruit platter which can be cooked according to your preference. At their discounted price, you can help yourselves to their wide array of fresh seafood choices excluding their premium items such as lobsters, crabs, grouper, stone fish and the sea mantis which are charged separately.

PALUTO All- You- Can is not for the greedy though as left overs will be charged P 1,360.00. But with food as good as theirs, left overs are highly unlikely so dine away!







Here are some shots of our feast during the launching of Paluto All- You- Can:


Steamed live suahe soy sauce


Squid Adobo


Fried fish grouper sweet and sour soup


Tinola tangigue soup


Mud crabs with salt & pepper


Grilled pork belly


Buttered lobster




Fruit platter

For reservations and inquiries, plese call +63 32 260-800

Eat Well,

Issa P.

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Sugbo Mercado Dos @ Ayala Business Park


In line with Sugbo Mercado‘s goal of being able to open food markets in different key locations in the city, their newest outlet at the Ayala Business Park聽is a clear sign that they are well on their way! Their second branch, which is聽located behind CIC Main and the MSY building which is also known as the “jogging area” of Ayala,聽still has everything we have come to love from their first branch which includes tents, ample tables and chairs, a laid back ambiance and that awesome sense of community that is hard to find anywhere else.


I have always patronized this weekend food market because it gives closet聽or aspiring chefs the opportunity to put themselves out there and get an experience of how it is to run their own business. At the same time, it gives people like me the opportunity to explore my palette without going home empty handed. It’s a fair compromise for everyone plus, the view is great and the music is always on point!


If you want to catch my vlog about how to survive a night at Sugbo Mercado, check it out聽here.

Another thing that I love so much about Sugbo Mercado are the interesting stories of each and every vendor. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own interesting back stories which I think makes the food taste even better. There’s always something special about our homegrown establishments which you can find out more about on their blog. Their first feature is about a good friend of mine and his success story about Hala Paella and Papa Churros which you can read more about here. They’ve only featured one so far but I am so excited to read about more success stories in the near future.

On their opening weekend, they launched with around 32 vendors and the list continues to grow with each coming week so forgive me if a few of these vendors might not be there anymore or if I’ve missed out on some. But in a nutshell, here is a list of the vendors I was able to meet and their corresponding links so you can check out their menu offerings and prices:

Of course, what kind of food blog would this be without some enticing food photos? Here are some photos of the food I was able to sample during the media launch:

Herbed Chicken from Tausug Spices

DSCF0644Fried ice cream from Soul Food

Quesadillas from Bueno JC Mexicano
Seafood bowl from Fun Seafood Corner

Paella Valenciana from Hala Paella

Chicken Proben in Mediterranean & Japanese sauce

Spicy lechon belly from Kuzina Guadalupe

Taco Mac & Cheese from Macology 101
Churros from Papa Churros

Customized pasta from Yum-In-A-Box
Hawaiian Pizza Cone
Shaved Ice from Sno

Pork belly from Eat, Meat, Repeat
Pork bun from Pao Baw
DSCF0613Classic Lemonade from John Lemon
Pad Thai from Wokstarz

Enchilada from Papagayu Azul

So far my favorites have been the Proben Deluxe de Cagayan in Mediterranean & Belgian chocolate sauce, the Hawaiian Pizza cone, John Lemon’s lemonade, everything from Pow Bao, Hala Paella and Wokstarz. I’ll definitely be back this weekend to sample more because you know… why not?

Sugbo Mercado Dos will be open on the following dates:

Sugbo Mercado-IT Park: Wednesday to Sunday, July 6-10, 5PM-1AM!

Sugbo Mercado-CBP :聽Thursday to Sunday, July 7-10, 4PM-12MN!

For more updates, check out their聽official blog here

For business inquiries,聽find out how to join here

Also, follow them on instagram here

Stay hungry, Stay thirsty… Stay alive,

Issa P.

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Bad Boys Wingz @ The Greenery, Mabolo

I first heard about Bad Boys Wingz a couple of years ago when they first started selling at the Banilad Town Center’s weekend food fair. They were an instant hit and聽it wasn’t too long after that they started making a name for themselves at local food bazaars where people would flock to get a chance to try out their chicken聽wings. Soon after, they opened their first branch right across B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy and the entire Cebuano population rejoiced because they no longer had to wait for the weekend to feast on their well- loved wings and other menu items that were added to their selection.

Following this success, Bad Boys Wingz which is owned by the “Bad Boys of Cebu”: David Santos, Gino Ortiz and Andrew Aseniero, pushed the envelope even further and opened their second branch at The聽Greenery in Mabolo. If you’re a banila-phobe (a.k.a. someone who is physically incapable of enduring the Banilad- Talamban traffic) like I am, then this branch is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some and alcohol, let us not forget alcohol.




Hello little monsters!

Their second branch has 2 floors and can roughly accommodate 30- 40 people including a smoking area outside. Their industrial themed interiors are perfect for that laid back and unpretentious feel that we all look forward to at the end of a long day of work. It’s also pretty spacious so you don’t have to worry about bumping into each other while eating or getting around.


Of course, what would Bad Boys Wingz be without their signature chicken wings that come in 9 flavors: Plain Old Wings, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Bbq, Teriyaki, Siracha Honey, Mild Buffalo, Angry Buffalo and Suicide? Enjoy these favorites or their boneless chicken for P 169.00 for half a dozen,聽P 320.00 for a dozen wings or P 430.00 for a bucket for 16 聽with a choice of two sauces.


Deviled eggs @ P 100.00

In case you didn’t know, I am allergic to eggs but these babies were definitely the egg high and itches I got not too long聽after. For the price, servings and taste, I would definitely recommend this dish to my friends who want something to much on as an appetizer.



Spicy Garlic Shrimp @ P 280.00

If you love shrimp and that subtle spicy kick in your mouth then I’m sure this is something that you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again. We devoured this dish and then played with the shrimp heads after. #weirdandproud



Linguine Scampi @ P 220.00

The shrimp linguine was also one of our favorites and we made sure to bring some home for our mom so she could tell us what her opinion of it was since she really enjoys pasta. She gave it a聽thumbs up and vowed to come with us to sample it fresh and warm some time soon.


Bad Boys Burger @ P 250.00

The inner burger girl in me truly feels like I need to give this dish justice because I really,聽really, truly聽loved this dish. I probably skimped out a bit on the fries because I was eating soo much already but the Bad Boys Burger definitely聽did not disappoint. There is nothing I did not like about this burger聽and the patty which was cooked just right (brown on the outside, pinkish on the inside. Just how I like it!) took me all the way home.聽

If you love burgers just as much as I do, PLEASE try this and love this burger like I do!


The Rib @ P 250.00

Their grilled ribs covered in their special bbq sauce was soft and tender which is how all ribs should be. The sauce was a bit sweet and barbecue-y which wasn’t overbearing but not lacking in taste either- it was just right.聽This was the first dish we finished and we really enjoyed the extra sauce聽that came with the dish and needless to say, we had our own little dipping party.


Other items on their menu also include:


Crispy Spuds – P 75.00

Spam Fries – P 150.00

French Fries – P 80.00


The Burger – P 195.00

Classic Cheese Burger – P 215.00

Shrimp Po’boy – P 230.00

Philly Cheese Steak – P 225.00


Macho Chops – P 200.00



To keep updated on Bad Boys Wingz’ latest offerings and promotions, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Operating hours are from 聽11:00 am – 12:00 pm

For reservations contact聽0925 502 7874

Stay bad (to the bone) ,

Issa P.

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The Asian Taco in Cebu: Pow Bao


Consider me a little late when it comes to popular food choices in Cebu but like the saying goes,聽better late than never.

The Asian Taco, also known as Pow Bao, invaded Cebu a couple of years ago, first debuting at our favorite food markets until they finally set camp at the Banilad Town Center. Their handful of choices for fillings offer Cebuanos who love to experiment with food with great options such as chicken, pork belly, chorizo and even tofu!

If you’re looking for something heavier, they also offer rice meals with the same meal options.


Pao Baw is actually a fusion of Taiwanese food with a touch of Mexican street food which are both great cuisines聽individually and surprisingly great together.

Not being the most adventurous with food, I was honestly聽a bit hesitant to try this meal out but I was delightfully surprised that the Asian Taco was really good and not to mention, extremely filling!聽I personally enjoyed the chicken and tofu fillings the most.


Assorted (mix of 3 baos) @ P100.00


Rice meals (pork belly, fried chicken, chorizo or tofu) @ P 90.00

Meat+ vegetables +special yellow rice = LOVE!


Baos (pork belly (steamed or fried)/ chorizo/ fried chicken/ tofu) @ P80.00


Pow Bao is located at the front of the Banilad Town Center. Operating hours are from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm everyday.

Follow them on Facebook&聽Instagram for updates and deliveries.

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When In Carcar: 1878 Restaurant


Took a trip down South over the Holy Week to visit my boyfriend and to explore the area with my family. We overheard that there was a new restaurant that had opened a couple of months ago and we were eager to try it out since we were already in the area and had ticked off most of the things we intended to do during our visit.

Paolo, who was our tour guide for the day, did not really know much about the newly opened restaurant so we put on our adventure boots and headed out to find聽1878 Restaurant.聽

Considering the Car- car is a small place which means that word travels around fast, it was not long til we found ourselves standing in front of a green gate along San Jose St., Poblacion 1 (one of the back roads from the City Hall/ church)


We were greeted by a quiet, peaceful and homey backyard- turned- restaurant that was surrounded by lots of plants and hanging lights. Surprised and delighted were the first emotions that overcame us because for a very long time, we had the impression that Cafe Terraza was one of the very few restaurants located in the area.

We eagerly found the closest seat to the counter and braced ourselves for our brand new gastronomical adventure.


1878 Restaurant has a lot of food offerings that are both interesting and intriguing like聽their ever famous steamed rice which was the main reason that led us there. A lot of the food on their menu seemed to be Chinese influenced which we discovered was because the head chef spent many years working for Ding Qua Qua before moving back to his hometown where he now works.

We opted for the steam rice, quail egg siomai and lumpia shanghai.


Steam rice – P 35.00

I wouldn’t say that it tastes exactly like our good ol’ Dimsum Break but you know what, it’s still pretty good. If I were to compare it to anything, I would say that it is closely similar to Braddex and for the price and location, it’s a very good deal.


Quail egg siomai (7 pieces) – P 80.00

We really enjoyed this dish and the fact that it cost only P 80.00 for 7 pieces! It is very unlikely to find anything as affordable as this and flavor wise, we were not disappointed.


Lumpia Shanghai – P 100.00

The last dish we had on our short trip was this lumpia shanghai. It was definitely flavorful and fried exactly to my liking. It wasn’t my favorite but I still enjoyed it anyways.

About a month after our first experience, Paolo has shared with me his frequent trips and discovery of their聽handful of dishes. I trust his judgement in food and so, I am confident to share with you his recommendations which are: the fried rice (P 80.00), chicken cordon bleu (P160.00) and calamares (P 200.00).


1878 Restaurant is a good place to visit especially for my Car- caranion readers who are looking for a new place to spend their meals with friends and family.

Their servings are generous, the food is good and the ambiance is definitely a good break from the hectic city life.

For inquiries and reservations:

032 487 7145

0977 839 4488



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Eat All You Can Sessions for P288.00 @ Chik Chow Food Express


It has become apparent in the recent years聽that the Cebuano’s strong love for food has gotten stronger and stronger. With restaurants popping up from left to right and food bazaars every weekend that聽we eagerly聽flock聽to to sample whatever is new in the city, there’s no denying that nothing brings our proud culture聽closer together like food does.

With all the fancy new restaurants with their modernized and chic interiors or bunk type cafes that we’ve all聽spent countless afternoons in, sometimes it’s nice to return to our roots and spend our favorite times of the day somewhere cozy that reminds us of home.


Chik Chow Food Express is a humble and promising establishment聽that is located along聽316 – C Mango Avenue. What was recently the owner’s residence has now been transformed into this cozy restaurant that offers a Filipino- Chinese selection of food in an eat-all-you-can style.

My first impression upon walking into Chik Chow聽was that it fondly reminded me of Saturday afternoons spent聽at a聽friend’s house making projects,聽homework or just hanging out. Of course, that friend always had the best food聽which truthfully聽was always one of the main reasons why everyone loved going there in the first place. The ambiance was so homey and unpretentious that I could not wait to bring my family there to share stories, laugh and just enjoy each others company over great food. My apologies聽for going on and on about how much I loved the coziness聽but it’s simple things like this that make me notice a restaurant right off the bat but to address your curiosity- yes, the food was amazing.




With its wide spaces, Chick Chow can easily accommodate around 50 or more people making it perfect for private functions. They also have a very generous and guarded parking space leaving no problems when it comes to leaving your cars or finding a place to park it. And whether you decide to enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors, both scenarios should not be a problem with their well ventilated areas that is sure to聽give you the full聽dining experience.聽 2016_0217_08214300



聽聽As mentioned earlier, Chik Chow offers their food in an eat-all-you-can style with most of their dishes being either Filipino or Chinese with a high chance of a menu change聽every once in a while to spice things up. During my visit there I was able to sample everything except聽their聽dugo- dugo聽(for personal reasons) and although their meals look simple, most of them really did blow me away. Their lengua, meatballs in cream sauce, grilled chicken, seafood, Chinese lumpia and every聽dish聽that came with potato wedges were a few of my personal favorites.






Chik Chow聽is open on Tuesdays- Sundays from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm for lunch at P 288.00 and聽6:00 pm – 10:00 pm for dinner at P 388.00. Aside from unlimited meals, they also have an unlimited flow of iced tea and lemonade to quench your thirst and a few Cebuano delicacies and items from their menu such as their lengua, roast pork, chicken feet, meatballs, panga and dinuguan that can be purchased to take home.


Needless to say, I ended up leaving聽Chik Chow eating more than I had initially planned but it was a hearty kind of stuffed which was not only from the delicious meals but from conversations with old friends and familiar faces- the best kind by far.

I can’t wait to go back and I hope to run into a few of you there!

For reservations you can contact them at聽(032) 255 9959 or contact them through Facebook.

Til our next gastronomical adventure,


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Feel Like A Princess at Caf茅 C贸modo

Tired of being stuck in the Mandaue traffic with little choices of getting a quick coffee fix or a good meal while waiting for the roads to clear out? At聽Caf茅 C贸modo聽not only will they soothe your hunger pangs,聽you can also expect nothing less than a royal treatment.聽
Located at the North Atrium building along Briones street in Mandaue,聽Caf茅 C贸modo offers a lot more than just a good meal and refreshing cold drinks. For P 300.00/ person, their resident photographer will take 10 photos of you while printing your best shot as a souvenir. You can even choose 1 out of their large selection of dresses, shoes and accessories imported from Korea to complete your look making it the perfect package for those who are hoping for a cheaper alternative to your pre- nuptial, debut or OOTD shots.

2-1 (edited)

3-1 (edited)

4-1 (edited)

For those who want to rent their gowns for their special day, you may also do so at various prices ranging from P 2,000.00 above.



And when you’re done playing dress up, treat yourselves to their delicious meals and drinks that are not only delicious but well worth the price. To be completely honest with you, I was really impressed with their generosity in servings in consideration to their prices. Each meal is equally filling, their flavors are unique and new to the palate which makes it even more worthwhile. Among all the dishes that I was able to try, it was the Chicken Mayo and the Cream Cheese Halo- halo dishes that really stood out for me.聽It’s a perfect place for neighboring students to spend their study sessions at or professionals to hold quick meetings.聽 With the growing number of Korean based restaurants and cafes, I think that Caf茅 C贸modo聽stands out with their unique concept, designs and product offerings which in a way makes up for the traffic that you might have to endure on the way there. But parking spaces are widely and easily accessible in the area which makes up for it, in a way. Here’s a quick run through of what I had there:2016_0216_03565800

Tuna Kimbap w/ mashed potato sidings @ P 170.00


聽 Korean spaghetti @ P 99.00 聽


Chicken Mayo @ P 149.00


Cream Cheese Halo- halo @ P 150.00


Cafe Americano @ P 100.00


White Choco frappe @ P100.00

For more details and upcoming events that will be held at聽Caf茅 C贸modo, follow them on Facebook

Low necklines + high slits = risqu茅 afternoons 聽 A photo posted by Issa Perez (@issaplease) on

See you there,


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SUTUKIL @ Isla Sugbu Seafood City


SUTUKIL which is an abbreviation of 3 Cebuano terms:聽sugba (to cook by grilling),聽tuwa (to stew) and聽kilaw聽(to cook raw with vinegar) has always been a local favorite of locals and foreign guests. With the Philippines being blessed with an abundant source of sea life, Cebuano’s have put their resourcefulness and creativity to good use creating wonderful and hearty dishes that perfectly represent our culture.
As an addition to Grand Convention’s already impressive dinning options, Isla Sugbu Seafood City is now offering their customers with even better options for customers to enjoy the city’s local cuisine. Their new options offers diners an authentic sutukil experience that is a notch higher with their fresh selections of sea food, a wharf-like ambiance, authentic flavors plus clean dishes. 聽






I was able to attend this prestigious establishments launching of their new selection which was graced by other prominent media and people from all over the Philippines and even entertainment personalities Jericho Rosales and Mylene Dizon. It was a funfilled evening which was highlighted by a celebrity cook off where both celebrities and their respective teams showed off their kitchen skills to impress the guests.聽 In the end, Team Mylene prevaled with their sutukil dishes that they wereable to complete under the allotted time.聽 Sutukil






Isla Sugbu Seafood City is located at the ground floor of Grand Convention Center聽 Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu. They are open from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Sutukil packages are at P 1,600.00 with various choices of fish, shrimps and squid.聽 For reservations contact聽032-260-8000 or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more details and promotions.

See you there,


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Roof Top Gardens and City Views @ Cafe Terraza, Car Car


Now that Sinulog is over, it might be a good idea to take a break from the heavy partying and the wild traffic from the city and head down South to this beautiful rooftop garden cafe located in the heart of Car- Car city.

I’ve always loved the South because of its beautiful beaches and scenery but we’ve always have a hard time finding somewhere to rest our tired feet and enjoy a good cooked meal. At聽Cafe Terraza,聽not only do they offer delicious food but they also serve coffee, blended drinks and聽desserts.



Located at the 3rd floor of the RRG Building, on top of 711 & Mang Tinapay, you will find this quaint little hide out that has easily become a favorite聽hang out and date spot for the local Carcaranions. With their freshly blended drinks and food, you’d be surprised at how little you have to spend for such an amazing view and experience. 聽It is especially beautiful at night time!

Cafe Terraza is a project of love by one of the most important people in my life, my boyfriend! Being Car- Car based for the past 2 years, he wanted to give the city and the locals a place that they can enjoy and what better way to do that than through coffee?

Cafe Terraza proudly uses聽the聽finest brands available in Cebu from the coffee beans, to the syrups and the ingredients used to create each hearty plate served to every customer. I spent an afternoon here one November day and here are my unbiased thoughts about my experience:

DSCF5974 Everything on the menu is less than P120.00 (including meals)DSCF5960

Cafe Latte @ P 60.00

DSCF5643 Strawberry Kiwi Frost @ P 105.00 Other drinks include: Green Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Banana, Peach, Red Berry & Raspberry @ P 100.00DSCF5955

Beef spaghetti @ P 120.00

Other pastas include: Carbonara, Tuna Arabiata, Chicken Arabiata @ P 120.00

DSCF5947 All Day Breakfast Longanisa & Eggs @ 100.00 Other breakfast includes: Bacon & eggs, spam & eggs, ham & eggs, pork tocino & eggs, corned beef & eggs @ P 100.00聽DSCF5964

Warm聽cookie/ brownie聽cup @ P 50.00

Also try their sandwiches at P 70.00 & P 80.00

I really did enjoy all the food that I was able to sample during my short trip to Cafe Terraza. The food was freshly made, nothing from the microwave (except the warm brownie cups) and the servings were very generous. My favorite drink so far has got to be the smoothies while I did enjoy the pasta!

Please do drop by and share some love! Cafe Terraza is open from 6:00 am – 2:00 am everyday!

See you there,


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