Pleated Pants & Pastel Pinks

The quality of these photos are absolutely horrendous but since I no longer have these pieces in my closet (I have my sister to thank for that!), I figured I would probably forget to ever wear them again for another shoot so… here you go! Here are some bad photos I took at my mother and brother’s birthday dinner along with a sentimental photo which I just really like to put out into the world because #familyiseverything! I realized I’ve never really told you anything about my family but then again… you probably read about it all the time on my “other” blog. lol.

Top & bottom: Gaisano Grand, Car-car| Flats: SoleMates (SM Department Store)| Watch: Fossil

There was literally no OTHER pose than this.

Our little fam bam – 1 cousin and 1 father. We are extremely small and I have no relatives who are my age which should explain why I am extremely awkward, I act like I’m 40 or 12 (no in betweens) and why I like to exude dominance among most people. HAHAHA. Yes, I’ve actually thought about it.

What’s your family like?
Issa P.

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Zerothreetwo Releases Puso Dad Hats

Cebuano’s are proud of a lot of things that make the world  a better place whether it be our picturesque beaches, our impeccable hospitality, amazing dishes and what have you. Given all these things, the best part about being Cebuano is our sense of pride that travels far and wide whether it be in our own salas, across the country or all over the world.

Once again, Zerothreetwo gives Cebuano all over the globe another chance to show off our pride through these puso dad hats that are available in a wide array of colors to match any style and mood.

I got mine in khaki with a hint of blues to achieve that classic dad/ tourist look wherever I go!


Not digging the muted tones? There are a lot of colors to choose from!

Get your caps here.

Do not fret, my hair shall and WILL grow,

Issa P.


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Styling Cropped Off Shoulders

Happy Monday to my favorite people on the planet!

I am yet again wearing pieces from my most recent department store haul, hoping to prove that you don’t need to wear expensive clothes to look good and hoping that I get my message across to all of you! :p

I am currently getting ready to meet a few of you guys for a sit down coffee session with a few giveaway winners and I am so siked about it and at the same time, I won’t lie, I’m still feeling pretty gassy from last week. Probably wasn’t a good idea to go out in a crop top, eh?

Fashion-wise (in case you’re actually here for that), when sporting anything stomach bearing especially when my body isn’t particularly ready for it, I opt for high waist anythings to hide the bulge. It doesn’t make it disappear completely but it’s a pretty useful attempt to spare my dignity. Hope this look inspires you!

Choker: Forever21| Top & Pants: Gaisano Grand

Any looks you guys want me to try out?

Issa P.

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[VLOG] May Favorites & Blogger/ Vlogger Haul- Food, Health, Gaming, Beauty & Fashion

It’s the end of the month!!

Here’s a short run through of the things that I’ve been enjoying in the past month. <3

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TUF Barbershop Now Has 4 Branches in Cebu!

TUF Barbershop is every Cebuano man’s go to place when it comes to quality hair cuts & grooming. I’ve kept an eye on them over the years, as I’ve questioned every one of guy friend’s haircuts, to find out each time that they’ve entrusted their precious manes to The Urban Fade.

At TUF, each customer is offered 4 of their signature haircuts namely, The Gent Cut, Bastard Cut, Hooligan Cut and the Bugsy Cut but of course, if you come in with a style you already want, the barbers will try to achieve for you. They also offer hair art at different price points, depending on the design.

TUF understands how crucial a mans hairstyle is and therefore, only the best of the best are able to handle their loyal customers. Each barber undergoes training sessions and is prepped to understand that TUF isn’t only just a barbershop but it’s also a community. I guess that’s why every single guy in Cebu is gaga over this place.

TUF’s Signature Cuts

I brought my little brother, Miguel, in for a quick session over at TUF’s latest opened branch in Talamban. This was his hair before…


And this was his hair after!

It’s needless to say but Miguel was obviously delighted with the Gents Cut that he was given. He was also geared with some pomade to keep his hair in place and he was well on his way.

Pomade selection

TUF Barbershop recently opened their 4th branch in the city and that is just the beginning for them! In the coming months, they will also be adding more signature cuts, services and promotions for everyone to enjoy.

Visit the closest TUF branch to you:

Follow them on their Facebook page and Instagram account for more details and promotions!


Issa P.

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Styling A One Piece As Outerwear

Honestly, this isn’t my favorite trend. I thought I would like it but apparently, I am extremely uncomfortable about showing my tata’s, no matter how little, to the world. So will I wear this one piece again? Probably not. The bottom wasn’t to snug either anyways. Well you win some, you lose some. But let these photos show to the world that you CAN wear a bathing suit as outerwear, depending on the occasion, of course.

Sometimes I question my question my fashion choices.


Issa P.

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White On White ft. Zalora

There’s something magical about a pristine white dress. There are no words for that exact moment when you walk in, heads turn and it dawns upon how powerful a piece of fabric can actually be.

Lots of women have that one dress that “makes” them like J.Lo’s Versace dress; Lady Gaga’s meat ensemble, Audrey Hephburn’s timeless Breakfast at Tiffany’s look and the list goes on and on. Truthfully, if anyone’s going to remember me in anything, I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was this one. Sure, it’s not a wedding dress or anything, but it I might as well marry it!

I like to say that, “it’s the person that makes the outfit” but sometimes, it’s also the other way around and this dress has by far got to be my best pick-me-up-dress that I like to keep hidden for extra special days. Despite the off-shoulder trend being a big hit in the markets lately, I do not fear the day that this dress becomes a fashion faux pas especially because unlike other renditions of the shoulder baring look, this dress is timeless. It doesn’t hurt that it cost me less than a thousand pesos either.

Dress: Zalora| Watch: Michael Kors| Shades: Rayban| Heels: H&M


Issa P.

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[VLOG] Surviving Manila Traffic

Currently in Manila and on our way to ABS CBN’s multi- channel network Chicken, Pork, Adobo’s Christmas party. Yes, I am a kapamilya. *insert fireworks*

In lieu of this, we’ve been sent over here for a week to get to know one another, learn a few tips and tricks of the trade and of course, to have a really good December! So here’s to new adventures!

Enjoy this vlog of our first day here in Manila in all its glorious TRAFFIC.

I die,

Issa P.

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Beauty MNL

Finally, there’s a beauty destination for us busy girls who love make up but don’t necessarily have the time to go out and shop! If you’re looking for make up that you want delivered straight to your doorstep with a comprehensive online site that allows you to scroll and shop with ease, BeautyMNL is your best friend. They not only offer various make up and make up brands, but they also cater carry skin, hair and nail care products plus other accessories like make up bags/ boxes, technology and even jewelry.

It’s extremely easy to get lots in tabs when scrolling through BeautyMNL as they offer a bunch of great brands that cannot be easily found in retail stores. I found my immersed in their products, having extreme difficulty having to narrow down my make up choices. But luckily, I was able to make up my mind and it’s safe to say, I am extremely satisfied with my purchases.

Check them out:



Oval Brush for Foundation – I’m an oval brush newbie and I really am enjoying it so far. It allows me to apply make up with ease and it’s also extremely fun to rub on my face.


Taiwan Handmade Eyelash Box Set (#218) – Make up artists have been raving about these lashes and I’ve tried using them on a couple occasions for photo shoots and appearances. I figured it was about time for me to invest in my own set of lashes since I tend to do my own make up anyways. Definitely a bargain buy!



City Chic Lip Liner in Tawny – This is actually my first lip liner ever mostly because I don’t normally use lipstick, gloss and what more liner but since I got it, I’ve been using it nonstop. The coverage it great, it’s not too drying on my lips and I absolutely love the color plus, this product is extremely affordable!



Super Shape Ultra HD Eyebrow Pencil – Currently mixing this product with a few other eyebrow favorites and it definitely helps me outline and fill in sparse patches on my brows. I would recommend this product to beginners and those who are always in a rush!

Great news, ladies! If you like taking selfies, make sure to join the #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC when you join.

Click here for the complete details.

Stay Gorgeous,

Issa P.

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