Eat All You Can Sessions for P288.00 @ Chik Chow Food Express


It has become apparent in the recent years that the Cebuano’s strong love for food has gotten stronger and stronger. With restaurants popping up from left to right and food bazaars every weekend that we eagerly flock to to sample whatever is new in the city, there’s no denying that nothing brings our proud culture closer together like food does.

With all the fancy new restaurants with their modernized and chic interiors or bunk type cafes that we’ve all spent countless afternoons in, sometimes it’s nice to return to our roots and spend our favorite times of the day somewhere cozy that reminds us of home.


Chik Chow Food Express is a humble and promising establishment that is located along 316 – C Mango Avenue. What was recently the owner’s residence has now been transformed into this cozy restaurant that offers a Filipino- Chinese selection of food in an eat-all-you-can style.

My first impression upon walking into Chik Chow was that it fondly reminded me of Saturday afternoons spent at a friend’s house making projects, homework or just hanging out. Of course, that friend always had the best food which truthfully was always one of the main reasons why everyone loved going there in the first place. The ambiance was so homey and unpretentious that I could not wait to bring my family there to share stories, laugh and just enjoy each others company over great food. My apologies for going on and on about how much I loved the coziness but it’s simple things like this that make me notice a restaurant right off the bat but to address your curiosity- yes, the food was amazing.




With its wide spaces, Chick Chow can easily accommodate around 50 or more people making it perfect for private functions. They also have a very generous and guarded parking space leaving no problems when it comes to leaving your cars or finding a place to park it. And whether you decide to enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors, both scenarios should not be a problem with their well ventilated areas that is sure to give you the full dining experience.  2016_0217_08214300



  As mentioned earlier, Chik Chow offers their food in an eat-all-you-can style with most of their dishes being either Filipino or Chinese with a high chance of a menu change every once in a while to spice things up. During my visit there I was able to sample everything except their dugo- dugo (for personal reasons) and although their meals look simple, most of them really did blow me away. Their lengua, meatballs in cream sauce, grilled chicken, seafood, Chinese lumpia and every dish that came with potato wedges were a few of my personal favorites.




2016_0217_08232500  2016_0217_082328002016_0217_08235900


Chik Chow is open on Tuesdays- Sundays from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm for lunch at P 288.00 and 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm for dinner at P 388.00. Aside from unlimited meals, they also have an unlimited flow of iced tea and lemonade to quench your thirst and a few Cebuano delicacies and items from their menu such as their lengua, roast pork, chicken feet, meatballs, panga and dinuguan that can be purchased to take home.


Needless to say, I ended up leaving Chik Chow eating more than I had initially planned but it was a hearty kind of stuffed which was not only from the delicious meals but from conversations with old friends and familiar faces- the best kind by far.

I can’t wait to go back and I hope to run into a few of you there!

For reservations you can contact them at (032) 255 9959 or contact them through Facebook.

Til our next gastronomical adventure,


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Feel Like A Princess at Café Cómodo

Tired of being stuck in the Mandaue traffic with little choices of getting a quick coffee fix or a good meal while waiting for the roads to clear out? At Café Cómodo not only will they soothe your hunger pangs, you can also expect nothing less than a royal treatment. 
Located at the North Atrium building along Briones street in Mandaue, Café Cómodo offers a lot more than just a good meal and refreshing cold drinks. For P 300.00/ person, their resident photographer will take 10 photos of you while printing your best shot as a souvenir. You can even choose 1 out of their large selection of dresses, shoes and accessories imported from Korea to complete your look making it the perfect package for those who are hoping for a cheaper alternative to your pre- nuptial, debut or OOTD shots.

2-1 (edited)

3-1 (edited)

4-1 (edited)

For those who want to rent their gowns for their special day, you may also do so at various prices ranging from P 2,000.00 above.

2016_0216_03463800  2016_0216_03471500


And when you’re done playing dress up, treat yourselves to their delicious meals and drinks that are not only delicious but well worth the price. To be completely honest with you, I was really impressed with their generosity in servings in consideration to their prices. Each meal is equally filling, their flavors are unique and new to the palate which makes it even more worthwhile. Among all the dishes that I was able to try, it was the Chicken Mayo and the Cream Cheese Halo- halo dishes that really stood out for me. It’s a perfect place for neighboring students to spend their study sessions at or professionals to hold quick meetings.  With the growing number of Korean based restaurants and cafes, I think that Café Cómodo stands out with their unique concept, designs and product offerings which in a way makes up for the traffic that you might have to endure on the way there. But parking spaces are widely and easily accessible in the area which makes up for it, in a way. Here’s a quick run through of what I had there:2016_0216_03565800

Tuna Kimbap w/ mashed potato sidings @ P 170.00


  Korean spaghetti @ P 99.00  


Chicken Mayo @ P 149.00


Cream Cheese Halo- halo @ P 150.00


Cafe Americano @ P 100.00


White Choco frappe @ P100.00

For more details and upcoming events that will be held at Café Cómodo, follow them on Facebook

  Low necklines + high slits = risqué afternoons   A photo posted by Issa Perez (@issaplease) on

See you there,


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Hala Paella, The Best Paella In Cebu at The Banilad Town Center



There’s no denying that I eat out for the experience. Meal times are my favorite part of the day so whenever I get the chance to eat out, I prefer going to places that are visually and gastronomically appealing- places that will give me a chance to create awesome memories and bonds with the people I am with.  You see, eating to me isn’t just sitting down at a table and force feeding yourself to eat anymore, it’s an opportunity… it’s the main event!

Currently, I do have a favorite list of restaurants that you can all find on this blog and today, I am soo happy to be adding a new one to this list- HALA PAELLA Spanish Comfort Food, which recently opened at the Banilad Town Center (across Dimsum Break). From the interior to the food, this new soon to be favorite hang out is not only extremely instagramable (which we all know is very important nowadays) but it also budget friendly without skimping out on taste.




Hala Paella claims to have the best paella’s in town and since I am no expert in Spanish cuisine, I’ll let you be the judge of that. But if you asked me, if I could, I would have their Negra paella for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for midnight snacks.  But if black squid ink isn’t your thing, they also have 5 other choices of paellas to choose from that all come in hefty servings even for it’s “solo” size.

They also offer main courses created to complete your Spanish comfort food dining experience and with their prices ranging from P 38.00 to as high as P 128.00, it’s perfect if you want to try everything in one go. I loved their calamares (P 88.00) and I’m super excited to come back and try out their Chuletas (P 108.00).




Negra Paella in Solo – P 108.00; Lechon Paella – P 118.00; Sangria – P 90.00


Croquetas – P 58.00


Other Hala Paella menu and prices:

Chicharrones – P 38.00

Spanish Chorizo – P 88.00

Gambas – P 88.00

Cazuela – P 98.00

Chiprones – P 98.00

Alitas De Pollo – P 98.00

Callos – P 118.00

Pulpo – P 118.00

Lengua – P 118.00

Salpicao De Cerdo – P 128.00

Follow Hala Paella on Instagram @halapaella

For take out orders, call them up at 344 4252

They are open from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

See you there,


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IssaEats: Strike While The (Black) Iron’s Hot

I first heard about Black Iron from a friend and the second time after walking out from a nearby restaurant. Although I’ve never really heard any reviews about the place (except for when my friend mentioned it) nor was it packed with people on the night we passed by, I was still curious to check it out mostly because they served steaks and burgers. But mostly for the steaks.

I usually get to enjoy steaks when the men in my life make them for me (my papa  & Paolo) but since my papa has been away for a while, Paolo has been busy with life and the Casa Verde steaks just don’t entice me like they used to anymore- I dragged my mom down to Black Iron.


 Black Iron is located at the Ginza Compound in Banilad where their brightly colored walls that are heavily adorned with different brand memorabilia and a chalkboard painted wall made me want to grab a beer and talk sports with my own mother.

The establishment was roomy, the atmosphere was light and I was particularly in love with their staff who happily accommodated us throughout the entire evening. I am such a sucker for good service.

The place was clean and I also enjoyed the fact that I could see the kitchen through the glass fixtures in front of us. It was entertaining and I felt safer knowing that I could see what was going on in the kitchen. It was mostly their confidence that impressed me.




1 1/2″ Center Cut Boneless steak (@ P 1, 350.00), Ceasar salad (@ P160.00)


For P 160.00, I guess the salad was just ok. I usually prefer having more green options in my salad and I didn’t find the dressing too amazing either. But they were fresh and crisp, which is one thing that I like to pay particular attention to when it comes to salads. I just wish there was a little variation with the the lettuce.




Black Iron boasts of their high quality U.S. Beef and although I don’t really know what the differences are, the steak I had that night was pretty good. It was cooked to my liking, it was juicy, it came in impressive servings and it had flavor. I say this because oftentimes I’ll have a steak and I won’t be able to taste anything at all so at P 1, 350.00, I’m relieved that it didn’t feel like I was gnawing on cardboard.

I originally ordered my steak medium rare (I know you’re going to judge me) which I really did enjoy but I eventually had to send it back to have it cooked to well done because my mother refused to eat anything that had blood on it. The staff was very nice to us and accommodated our request and in a few minutes, it was like a was eating a completely different steak.

A couple problems I had with my steak though were that it took a surprisingly longer time to cook than expected, considering that I had it in medium rare and the second time in well done. I guess I should have paid more attention to the glass window which was there for that purpose so maybe I wasn’t really that hungry. Another problem I had with the steak was that it was a bit stringy and required me to take smaller bites so I wouldn’t choke.


As for now, I think I’m going to take a break from a thousand peso steaks and stick to the SnR cuts that we enjoy cooking at home.  Although I did enjoy my steak, I’ll be honest and say that my mom did not. But in her defense, she had just come back from the States and she probably had her own fare share of everything that is awesome.

So I know you’re all probably wondering if I would go back again despite the mixed review and my answer is yes, I would! I probably wouldn’t order the same things though but there were still a few things on their menu that I’m very eager to try out like their burgers and Monster Chops (P295.00).

Find out more about them here.



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