[Photodiary] #CebuInTheBag Days 2 & 3

Happy Monday everyone!

I wasn’t able to update everyone on Saturday and Sunday… I hope that doesn’t make me a bad blogger!

First of all, before I entertain you with a visual fiesta of what went on during days 2 and 3 of Cebu In The Bag, I want to give a biiig thank you to those who went all the way to The Outlets at Pueblo Verde to support the local fashion bloggers and the Manila bloggers as well. I started this blog out of my frustrations in college and it’s been about 3 years since then and I can’t believe that I am able to do things such as a meet and greet! The best part about all of this is really getting to meet you guys at last!!

So here are some of my photos and photos that I was able to pick up off social media accounts. Will update when I have more!


With Gizelle and Rabsin my CFB loves!
With the two balls of energy from Everything Bacon

With Lissa Kahayon
David Guison

My picture with Kryzz is somewhere on the internet. I still have to find it. lol

Camille Co

Day 3

Didn’t get to take that many pictures during the last day because I was busy getting my shopping on and talking to the other vendors and bloggers. But don’t worry! I’ll be posting my outfit photos this week and I’ll go more in depth about my experience. šŸ™‚ I just needed a proper entry to photo dump hence this post!

I’m blogging in between work and if my mom finds out, I’m dead meat. So bye… for now!

Love you all,

Issa <3

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The Short Suit

I’ve been really into matching sets lately just because it saves me the hassle of having to decide what to wear when I have no time at all. I wore my first “short suit” hereĀ and I’m fairly enjoying been able to wear it as a set or as separate pieces.

My only challenge when it comes to wearing matching pieces is how to wear them again without it being too noticeable. For my previousĀ outfit I mix it up by playing around with cover ups and that usually does the trick but with this particular piece, I can predict a challengeĀ so I’ll have to get back to you and let you know how it goes.

I’m guessing that I can play around with my other key pieces like my inner top, shoes and accessories… but that’s for another blog post šŸ˜‰

My absolute favorite pieces in this look are my over sized round sun glasses that I got from ZiyaĀ and my hand-me-down Burberry tote (similar here)Ā that I recently got from my mom. It’s a bit worn out but I appreciate the gesture, nonetheless.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really had a thing for bags. I’ve never gotten myself a bag that I’ve really likedĀ so I’ve kind of given up when it comes to that department. My mom however LOVES bags (not as much as she loves me… on most days) and I solely depend on herĀ and her hand me downs. I am never disappointed though because she has an awesome collection and I’m always glad to take what she doesn’t want anymore. It’s true, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! Next time, I hope she gives me some of her watches. Mehehehe!

Short suit: Citiwear| Chiffon blouse: Forever21

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about starting my own online ready to wear business which will feature my designs. It’s still in the works but once I’ve finally got everything together, you will definitely be seeing it here!

In the mean time while I’m still being fickle minded, this June 13- 15, 2014 you can buy my pre-loved items at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde! The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be hostingĀ Cebu in the Bag: The Island Madness SaleĀ featuring the Philippines top bloggers: Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon and David Guison. This project aims to unite all industries to bolster tourism and propel Cebu as a shopping destination in Asia. And why not? Cebu is known for so many beautiful things in terms of fashion, furniture, art and plus we live on such a beautiful island which will not disappoint.

It’s been such a blessed year for us fashion bloggers to come out and have an outlet to reach out to our readers. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to meeting new friends, get some badly needed closet space and meet our countries top fashion bloggers! Here are some of the looks that I will be selling:

If you want to see more items that I will be selling on these days, please like my facebook page.Ā I’ll be updating from time to time and showcasing more of the items that’ll be up for grabs!

Til then,

Issa <3

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