Passed On and Handed Down

1902940_697875593640491_4645881748912436699_n¬†Just a quick, real time post because work ended early and I’m honestly too tired to do anything else. I’m back to posing in front of our storage area’s frontage and I had to bribe my brother with my last chicken drumstick for him to take my pictures. But aside from that, everything is or will be ok. Or at least that’s what they say…



This blog entry is entitled “Passed On and Handed Down” because most of the items I’m wearing were either given to me as a gift or handed down to me.

I have no shame in admitting that a lot of my friends like to give me their used/ unused clothing because 1. I’m smaller than most of them so what they grow out of, I can grow into and 2. sometimes they are more of use to me than they are for them.


Plus, it saves me a great deal of money from shopping! I really cannot complain when it comes to being able to save. :p

[Hat: Cotton On (bought from Gizelle Faye)| Top: Gifted| Pants: Younger sister’s hand me downs| Bag: Echo Unltd| Necklace: Gifted| Slippers: Banana Peel]

Also, I have recently been asked to share 20 facts about myself on Instagram but I thought I’d share it on my blog instead. So here it goes:

1. I like to be alone more than I like to talk. But don’t worry, there’s still a lot of talking going on in my head.

2. I already wrote my top 20 things on IG but due to the character count, it wouldn’t upload my picture. So I had to do it again ūüôĀ

3. I absolutely love animals. I’ve owned an iguana, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, birds, fish, rats, etc. at one point of my life. I really want a pet goat and a pet pig though.

4. I like to be ironic. I named my dog Meow, a pillow Rocky and a rock fluffy.

5. I try as much as possible not to follow trends especially when it comes to¬†catch phrases and manners of speaking. I’ve never used the line “pag may time” and I do not regret it.

6. I do not know what you mean by a basic bitch. (shout out to @faithdeguzman!!)

7. I did not participate in the transformation challenge because the only celebrity I could associate myself with was Pokwang.

8. As much as I use it on my blog and on facebook, I really REALLY hate hashtags.

9. If I could have any mental disorder, it would be multiple personality disorder.

10. This year will be my 10th year in blogging. I started under and I’ve transferred to since Xanga shut down.

11. I am neither stupid nor smart. Sometimes my brain responds really well and then there are times when it’s all muck.

12. I despise people who deny being gay even if it’s the most obvious thing in the entire worldddd. I just feel like it’s an insult not only to themselves but to the people around them. Besides, gay people are great. I love them!

13. My “original” name is Jean Louise I. Chua. You’d know this if you met me in 2009.

14. I like to tell people that I changed my last name because I had a stalker so I had to move cities and change my last name. For some reason, people actually believe this.

15. One day, I’d like to have an assistant write down all the snarly stuff I say while going through my facebook feeds and turn it into a blog series. I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy that unless my comments are about you.

16. I do not have the will power to finish writing my book no matter how much I believe in it. I am afraid of the ending. Plus I have a ds, kindle, tab, Phoenix Wright, Star Wars. loom bands and a phone that basically takes up ALL my free time. Poor priorities.

17. I enjoy artsy things like drawing, painting, sewing, loomband-ing (?), poetry, writing. I’m not particularly good at any of this but it helps pass the time.

18. I really REALLY REAAAALLLLLYYY want a pot bellied pig and I have Miley Cyrus for getting one before I did. And I also really realllyyyy like bacon. It’s such a hard world.

19. You know how there are people who says the most random and inappropriate stuff? I’m THAT person.

20. I always thought that life would be a lot easier than it actually is and I’m at a weird stage¬†of my life right now. I have heard that dreams should be kept dreams but dreams are the only things I’ve had. So what do I keep and what do I let go of? I’m trying to figure all of this out and yet somehow, ¬†my dreams just got a lot bigger. But we’ll see.

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I Use Protection


I’ve got a reason to smile¬†during this rainy season and I don’t need to walk a mile to get it- they’re already on my feet!

Since my job requires a lot of walking and commuting, what better way is there to face the rain and winds than with a pair of durable and not to mention, fashionable rain boots? They’re light, functional and on a fashion-over-function perspective- they definitely catch a lot of attention!

To say that these boots get the job done would certainly be an understatement…¬†they¬†not only keep my feet dry but since they come with a felt lining, they also keep my toes warm and toasty. Now I don’t need to worry about missing out on deliveries nor do I need to worry about ruining my favorite shoes on account of the rain… I’ve got protection ūüėČ


I can’t figure out where my love for the rain came about. Having grown up in Texas, California and then the Philippines; you’d think I’d love everything sunny but my true love comes in the form of a dark overcast, strong winds and layers on top of layers… on top of layers.

When mixing and matching pieces, always remember the vital parts of your body that you feel need the extra warmth. In case of crazy winds, I like to keep a scarf in handy to protect my ears, neck, nose and mouth.

Fashion¬†godess,¬†Lauren Conrad,¬†has a 5 step play-by-play as how to go about with layering which I just have to share because it’s absolutely “bible”. She suggests starting with a lightweight basic like a simple cami followed by a cute cardigan, topped by a coat but since our weather isn’t THAT cold, I say choose between a cardigan, coat or a jacket and spice the entire look up with a cute scarf, beanie or even some gloves in case your fingers need the extra attention.


Stockings are always a great and easy way to¬†counter the weather especially for those who work in offices and colder areas. They’re also a great way to add proportion to the boxy/ over sized top combo and¬†they’ve¬†revolutionized so much over the years that they’re just really¬†fun to wear!

My collection of stockings mostly come from Forever21. You can check them out here.



There’s no to excuse to “lazy weather” especially when work needs to be done. Sometimes we just need to get off our “soon-to-be-toned” butts, put on an outfit that makes us want to take on the world and actually do it!

And don’t forget your umbrella!


Here are some photos from the Everything Online Bazaar we attended last weekend:

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, jean yu, anything goes by jean yu, cebu bazaars

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu events, cebu bazaars, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, cebu, anything goes by jean yu, jean yu

[From left- right] The Kat’s Meow, The Curious Chup, Miss Everything and Nothing, Issaplease and Anything Goes by Jean Yu

[I’m such a loser for not having a tag line. HAHA!]

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu events, cebu bazaars, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, cebu, anything goes by jean yu, jean yu

Photo credits to:

Anything Goes | Jean Yu | Cebu Fashion Bloggerby Jean C Yu 



Not Your Typical Rainy Day Essentials



My body clock seems to be all wrong- the colder it gets, the less clothing I want to wear! And with the sane weather patterns officially out the window needless is to say of my fashion choices.

I think I’ve always been ironic like that. After all, I did name my dog Meow and I went throughout the Summer in long skirts and matching suits!

Besides, what else do I need to protect me from the rain? I’ve got everything I could ever need:¬†a big hat to protect me from the rain, a coat to keep me warm and boots to keep my feet clean! (But let’s see how I feel about this when I’m down with the flu! lol)




Crochet cover up: Thrifted| Crop top: Forever 21| Boots: Moms’


Hat: Bought it from Gizelle during the Cebu In The Bag



On a more weather appropriate note: when trying to keep the Boho-chic vibe alive during the rainy season you can never go wrong with layering and maintaining earthy palettes and of course, to stand out: that one key piece!

Imagine this: long flowy dress + over sized patterned scarf + dark earth toned cover up + rain/ ankle boots


A geometric tunic blouse/ dress + faux fur vest + black stockings + boots



I’m still trying to soak up what’s left of the sun but I’ll be on my way pretty soon!



Credits to Jean and Faith for my outfit shots :*