People I Love: Cebu Fashion Bloggers

This photo was taken about 2 months ago before we bid adieu to our favorite Chic In The Tropics, Eden.

I’ve been publicly blogging about fashion for about 3- 4 years now and these people have been there through every URL name, event, hiatus and feature that I’ve encountered along the way.

You’d be surprised how important it is to have a strong support system not only when it comes to blogging but in life as well. I always tell people that it’s crucial to be surrounded by people who understand you and your goals, who support you (even if you’re not always on the same page. As long as your goals are rational) and who you feel brings out the best in you. We are all surrounded by toxic people who want nothing more in life but to see us fail but like the saying goes, if someone is trying to bring you down- they are already below you.

The people in this photo are only a quarter of us who compromise our CFB family. We are all busy living our own lives with most of us trying to make our marks in the world whether it be through our love for fashion or with our opinions and daily thought musings. But busy or not, these people would easily stop what they’re doing to take a quick outfit shot while sharing a lot of laughs in between! 🙂

From left to right:

Rabsin of

Yves of

Eden of

Marco of

Toni of www,

Gizelle of

Love you all, no matter where God places us! :*



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[Photodiary] #CebuInTheBag Days 2 & 3

Happy Monday everyone!

I wasn’t able to update everyone on Saturday and Sunday… I hope that doesn’t make me a bad blogger!

First of all, before I entertain you with a visual fiesta of what went on during days 2 and 3 of Cebu In The Bag, I want to give a biiig thank you to those who went all the way to The Outlets at Pueblo Verde to support the local fashion bloggers and the Manila bloggers as well. I started this blog out of my frustrations in college and it’s been about 3 years since then and I can’t believe that I am able to do things such as a meet and greet! The best part about all of this is really getting to meet you guys at last!!

So here are some of my photos and photos that I was able to pick up off social media accounts. Will update when I have more!


With Gizelle and Rabsin my CFB loves!
With the two balls of energy from Everything Bacon

With Lissa Kahayon
David Guison

My picture with Kryzz is somewhere on the internet. I still have to find it. lol

Camille Co

Day 3

Didn’t get to take that many pictures during the last day because I was busy getting my shopping on and talking to the other vendors and bloggers. But don’t worry! I’ll be posting my outfit photos this week and I’ll go more in depth about my experience. 🙂 I just needed a proper entry to photo dump hence this post!

I’m blogging in between work and if my mom finds out, I’m dead meat. So bye… for now!

Love you all,

Issa <3

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Take Me Places

Posting the last set of photos I took with Roger Cas. You can see the first set and read the melodramatic side of me on this post.

I’m proud to say that the picture above is my most reblogged photo on Tumblr and it has been featured mostly on bike enthusiasts pages.

For those who are wondering… No, I do not own this bike (unfortunately) but I do own my own racing bike. I competed last year during the Sugbo Triathlon in Oslob and if my knee allows me to, I intend on joining again this year. If there’s one thing I love as much as I love fashion, it’s sports (and I don’t even TRY to be the least bit fashionable when I play. shorts + big shirt = perfection!) which I think reflects me a lot. I’m not exactly a girly girl but I’m not a tomboy either. Well, on most days.

What do YOU love? 🙂

If you love events and if you’d love to meet me and my other Cebu Fashion Blogging friends, head down to the Baseline this afternoon for #hypercebu! I’ll be there from 1 – 5 pm and I’d be glad to meet you guys!!

I’ve seen my daily analytic… I know I have readers. Please be kind and say “hi” LOL

See you guys there and if you need more details about the event please check out this entry



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[Photo Diary] Knock 3 Times For Summer

Apparently, I spoke too soon when I said that I most likely wouldn’t be able to have any escapades this year (I stand corrected). But I’m glad that I was wrong, I’m even happier that my summer adventure came early this year and I’m happiest that I FINALLY got to go on an adventure with people I’ve been friends with ever since grade school!

Friends, meet a very small portion of our group: TOYBUDS.

I really don’t know why we call ourselves that or how that name came to be but we’re too lazy to change it so, I guess that’s what we’re gonna keep calling ourselves for the next 50 years. LOL.

Just out of curiosity… what is your groups’ name? 🙂

I’ve known these bunch of cuckoo cuckoo heads for a very long time and I’ve kept them in my life despite transferring schools in second year high school and despite going through college and everything in between and after. We all try to our best to keep in touch and get together every once in a while and of course, spend trips like this together as well.

This weekend we went to our friends’ beauuuuutiful rest house in Badian (not Barili. Doi!) and went to Lambog to catch some rays over drinks and icky sand. It really was a beautiful experience and it was definitely the quick fix to the rump I was going through over the week. Sometimes life can be so complicated and uncomplicated at the same time. Sigh.

The outdoor shower. My favorite part of the house.

Alyssa getting in the way of my shot.
And the Mcdo cup we used to drink on the way there. LOL

The beach front @ Lambog.
Entrance fee: 0.00

I hope the start of your summer is as happy as mine is!



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