A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween Dressing


Halloween is just around the corner and just in case you’re reading this 2 hours before deciding to actually go out on Halloween this year and there’s not enough time to decide what to wear then you’re welcome!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween especially because it’s a couple of days before my birthday so I’ve been throwing costume parties ever since I can remember! This year I decided to tick my costume ideas post a little earlier so I can go ahead and concentrate on other things that are soon to grace this wonderful website. #progress

So here are my “lazy” costume ideas for this year’s Halloween festivities…


GSW flatlay

Continue to celebrate this year’s NBA champions by showing off your love for this awesome team. Or, if you’re a fan of any other basketball team then throw on a jersey and show off your team spirit! Generally, all you need is the necessary merchandise and a glow ball to complete your look. It’s simple, easy AND you have an excuse to wear sneakers the entire night!


Kanye flatlay

I got this costume from my little sister who decided to go as Kanye West during one of her costume parties. It’s a good reason to wear an all black ensemble and it’s pretty funny to carry a crying Kim Kardashian with you everywhere you go. Plus points if you can find someone willing to be your very own Kim K. for the night. Costume idea here.


lito and stitch flatlay

Lastly, you can also opt to go as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. Honestly, I could have done better on the sewing job but this is “a lazy girl’s guide to Halloween dressing” so props to me for even trying!

I hope you enjoy dressing up for Halloween this year and please tag me on Instagram (@issaplease) if you decide to go as any of these 3 choices.

Live long lazy one,


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Tee Tuesday’s @ Elated Industries

2015-09-29 05.16.56 1

  I’m  a sucker when it comes to go a good white tee and an even bigger one when it involves playful graphics on them.

Growing up, all I ever wore were graphic and statement shirts so being able to incorporate them in my wardrobe now not only hits close to home, it gives me a much needed break from my currently filled with chiffon and spandex wardrobe.

I first heard Elated Industries earlier this year where I even blogged about them here. Back then, they did not offer apparel for  ladies but I am so happy that I finally get to enjoy their products through their Tee Tuesday’s offerings where they release a new graphic shirt every Tuesday. 

2015-09-29 05.16.55 22015-09-29 05.16.54 1

Elated is really about creating a lifestyle and making your own stories. I love the amount of thought and work that they put into every single one of their products and how well they translate in their designs.

So if you’re looking for a local brand to fall in love with, I suggest you check out Elated’s products. There is always something for every one there.

Sorry for the crappy editing job but I like it!

Check out Elated Industries official website

Get updates from the Facebook page

Follow them on Instagram: @ifeelelated

Stay high,


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#issalakwatsera: What I Wore To Hong Kong (Day 3)

2015-09-29 10.57.16 1

2015-09-29 10.57.13 1

I’m not as much as a traveler as I would have wanted although I do intend to fix this problem very soon. Hong Kong, being one of the first places I’ve been to other than the States and some parts of the Philippines, was a bit hard to dress for. The reason why I am only posting 1 ootd out of the 4 days that I was there is because I spent those days walking around in shorts, a shirt and sneakers or slippers.

I really underestimated people when they said that we’d be doing a lot of walking so if you haven’t been to Hong Kong yet and you’re planning to, make sure to pack your most durable and comfortable shoes and make sure to wear socks!

2015-09-29 10.57.15 1

Not a lot of advice (yet) when it comes to what to wear or what to pack because we all know that I am not a pro. However, if I were to impart you with any bit of knowledge, I do make sure to bring the following every time I travel, even if it’s just to Manila:

1. Nipple patches (because no countries wants to see your bra straps)

2. A jacket/ scarf

3. Sneakers

4. A hat that does not take up so much space

5. Hollywood tape

2015-09-29 10.57.12 12015-09-29 10.57.14 1

Straw hat: Ladies market find| Mint top: Pinklemore| Pants: Department store find| Flats: Car car find

Location: Lai Chi Kook road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

To more adventures,


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Behind On Fashion



 Is it bad that I’m only getting starting to enjoy exploring with “print on print” now that it’s completely obsolete? Perhaps. But then again, I’ve never been the one to enjoy trends that much anyways.

When it comes to trends, I’m admittedly always a step behind. I didn’t know keeping a “clean” Instagram was cool, I thought lace ups were still called gladiators, I also thought culottes were just long pants and the list goes on. Thank god minimalist dressing is in because now my lack of effort can finally be justified.

But then again, who wants to be like everyone else? I’ll be the pop of color when everyone’s in white washed neutrals!

Trend or no trend aside, just be you. Fashion is an expression of what you are and it fills in the gaps with words that need not be spoken. And remember, history repeats itself when it comes to fashion… so hopefully, this look will become relevant in a couple more years!







Dress used as top: Cotton On| Skirt: Given| Sandals: Carcar

Photography: Chay Ramirez



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Planet Exchange: A New World of Shopping

DSC_0278There’s a well kept shopping secret here in Cebu that is finally getting the attention it deserves, Planet Exchange, a modern and chic shopping depot offers a shopping experience inside the mall that is out of this world. (I really wanted to say that. haha!)

Located at the 2nd floor of SM City Cebu, Planet Exchange offers a wide variety of shopping goods to choose from. Whether you’re hoping to splurge on premium items or shop on a budget, Planet Exchange caters to these needs without compromising quality and most importantly, good taste.

With quite a lot of concessionaires under their belt, you can expect to find whatever suits your fancy. If you’re looking for something fun and flirty, chill and casual, fancy and sophisticated or even something to lounge in at home or on the beach, you can expect that Planet Exchange has it!

My recent visit to this amazing shopping haven did not disappoint. In fact, I left realizing how much stuff I really wanted after feeling that there was nothing interesting in the world of fashion anymore. Yes people, sometimes I have a shopping dry spell but Planet Exchange obviously revived that drought.

Check it out for yourself 🙂



DSC_0236Affordable branded items for less than P800.00

DSC_0242Denim cut off and palazzo pants for the summer season


Neoprene bikinis for as low as P900.00



Rompers and flowy off shoulder tops


Here are also some individual pieces that caught my undivided attention (aka things I am definitely coming back for):


This racer front crop top that would look great in skinny jeans



A dainty graphic blouse perfect for church on Sundays or brunch with the family




Rose details for the lazy/ too-busy-to-accessorize woman 😉



Gartered and tattered jogger pants which are so in style right now




Whether your shopping for yourself, your family or your friends, Planet Exchange is way worth the trip! Of course, if you’re someone like me who doesn’t always have the time to shop unless it’s online, Planet Exchange also offers an online shopping option on their Facebook page where you can also see their items. Now that’s what I call shopping at it’s finest!

Make sure to check them out at the 2nd floor of SM City Cebu or online via:



Official website [coming soon!]



Watch out for my Planet Exchange shopping haul and ootd photos coming soon. You can also follow me on snapchat [@issaplease] for random daily fashion shots! <3

Thank you so much Karyll for the wonderful experience. I’ll see you soon than you expected :*



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Daydreaming, Daydreaming All The Time



I’ve got so many things on my mind lately and it’s been driving me a bit over the edge but seeing pretty photos like this give me the bit of ease that I need when I feel like I can’t quite get anything right.

I’ve been realizing a lot of things lately particularly when it comes to life and it’s pacing- sometimes life can move so slow to the point of wanting to die from boredom and when things suddenly switch to the fast lane, I find myself having a hard time catching up. I know this sounds a bit crazy and awkward to talk about on a fashion blog but I think we’ve all come to a certain level of understanding that this is not your normal fashion blog. But going back to the topic, that’s pretty much how life has been for me lately… a lot of high speed car chases/ Driving Miss Daisy’s and occasionally an ugly car crash every now and then.

I entitled this blog entry “Daydreaming” after my favorite teenage angst band Paramore, mostly because when I find myself in an ugly situation, I like to daydream and think about the life that I really want and then it becomes easier for me to plan how to get there. Lately my dreams have mostly been of me with my family, traveling and being complete again (they all ditched me to be in the States, if you’re wondering) and keeping a healthy relationship with my boyfriend. In between that, there are also lots of images of shoes; clothes and an awesome bikini body. haha.

What are your daydreams about?








Bowler hat: H&M| Denim dress: Let’s Stylize| Sandals: Happy Heel

Photography by: Jing Pascual

Follow me on Instagram: @issaplease



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e·late /iˈlāt/ make (someone) ecstatically happy.

When I was a little girl and grown ups would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always tell them that I wanted to be happy. Typical I know, but this little girl eventually grew up learning that being happy or in this case, elated, is equivalent to a lot of things. Nowadays, my personal equivalent to feeling elated is a good days work, spending time with my boyfriend and family and beautiful pieces of clothing that speaks for itself like what Elated Industries has to offer.

Best known for their limited interchangeable pocket tee shirts and other great products such as polo’s and head gear, Elated Industries has definitely raised the bar when it comes to comfort dressing for men and women alike.





With their pop-up store currently open until May 15, 2015 at the 2nd floor or the Ayala Center Cebu New Wing (across F&F), there is more reason for you to jump for joy. You can now check out your favorite products, get a feel of their fabric and try on your products of choice from their website www.elated.co

So make sure to drop by their physical outlet or check out their awesome products online:

official website


** Photos grabbed from Elated official pages



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Summers With Guess x Spectrum


The summer just got a little hotter with Guess’ brand new Summer collection which was recently released here in Cebu. With the season usually associated with bright colors and anything + everything island-y, Guess’ color summer line which consists of different pastel hues and a little bit of blacks and denims for that edgy vibe, is as always spot on.

Aside from the awesome collection, their Summer Kickoff party surely did not disappoint. Accompanied by live music from Spectrum, summery drinks and even better company; my Friday night was filled with everything that makes summer my favorite season ever!














There’s definitely something for everyone at Guess whether you’re looking for something to beat the heat in or if you’re looking for something fun and flirty on a night out or even just something to chill in. Make sure to check out Guess at the ground floor of the Ayala Center Cebu.


with lifeonaflavoredrunway, Jean Yu. :*



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Holiest of Holies


I know most of you won’t even have the time to read this blog entry since you’re most likely lounging on the beach and getting an awesome tan but since I am doing neither of those things, I’ve decided to grace you all with yet another set of photos that I shot with Jing Pascual. 🙂

These are the last set of photos from this shoot that I will be sharing with you guys but I look forward to the next shoot that we are currently planning. My creative/ bored side has recently re-emerged and I’ve got a lot more artsy concepts that I will soon be showing you all on the blog so watch out for that but in the mean time, help yourselves to these wonderful photos.
















I hope you all have an amazing Holy Week, one spent with family/ friends while keeping the true essence of the season in mind. As for me, I’m going to spend the long weekend planning shoots, working and spending it with my family. I really wouldn’t have it any other way <3



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It’s Never Too Hot For Leather


 Fine, I lied… it’s always too hot for leather! But you gotta admit Cebu weather aside, if you don’t already own one, it is your life’s goal to actually own a leather jacket. Luckily for me, I was able to score one that isn’t too impossible to wear in this hot, hot city.

Here’s another set of photos I did with photographer Jade Caballo at the Temple of Leah. The trick with shooting at spots that may tend to get a little overrated is to try to find different angles or backdrops that others may not have thought of before. A wall, windows, even a pile of scrap metal is interesting if you just use your imagination!








 Crop top: Forever 21| Jacket: @cebuthriftedpicks| Pants: Sister’s pants| Shoes: Addidas



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