A Mashed Potato Recipe That Is Impossible To F*** Up

Before I learned how to make rice, I learned how to make mashed potatoes- the more important fact, I learned how to cook this in a rice cooker! I still prefer making this in a rice cooker to this day but you can make it in a sauce pan, as well.

Like I said, mashed potatoes is the first “dish” I learned and mastered how to make and today, I can literally make it in my sleep. For my first official recipe post, I am going to share my personal recipe with you and you’ll be disappointed because it’s hardly a recipe more than it is a bunch of ingredients bumped in a pan.

You might be asking yourself, why go through the hassle of making my own mashed potatoes when I can get them from the box? BECAUSE THE ONES IN THE BOX ABSOLUTELY SUCK. And that’s really the only bit of convincing I need to give you.

The best part apart this recipe is that is requires no measurements so you are as free to experiment with it as you want!

Easy Mashed Potato Recipe
Serves: 1-2 people
Preparation & cook time: 30 minutes

2 large potatoes (peeled and squared)
Milk/ All Purpose cream
Italian herbs (optional)

How To Cook:
1. In a saucepan/ rice cooker, boil water. As soon as the water begins to boil, throw in your peeled and sliced potatoes and add salt (add a generous amount).
2. Leave potatoes in to soften and occasionally check on them until they’re soft.
How to tell if your potatoes are done boiling? If you can stick your fork into multiple cubes with ease, then it’s done.
3. Once your potatoes are soft, take out your saucepan/ pot and drain the water.
4. Add butter, milk/ cream (and Italian seasoning) and mix. Make sure to taste and add whichever to your preference.
5. With a food masher/ fork, mash and mix everything together until you reach the consistency you like.

Seriously, that’s it.

Am I a pro now? No? Ok.

Issa P.

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Spoiled and bratty. Those are the two things people who really know me will actually tell you if you asked them to describe me. Of course, those aren’t my only identifiers but considering I did not grow up with a silver spoon, it’s a pretty entitled thing to be- for anyone, actually.

 Prior to moving out and living on my own, I had only occasionally cleaned at school (where I would even try escape), I had never really learned how to cook, I had never washed clothes (except for my ?) and yaya was my favorite word.

Justinne of BabeForFood tried to help me on a couple of occasions with an agreement that I would share my little knowledge of fashion if she taught me how to cook- we decided to turn it into a Youtube series which was short lived due to our busy schedules. You can watch the videos and be the judge….

The first two times I moved out, I moved to my grandparents’ house and paid rent but even then, I was never required to clean my room, cook or do my own laundry. I was out most of the time anyways so I never had to cook! On one occasion, I tried to sweep the floor at my office due to a confetti related incident and bruised my rib- sweeping in 3 inch heels probably wasn’t the best idea but hey. lol.

When I FINALLY moved out to live with my big, bad self, I eventually learned how to clean my space but I would call my yaya nonstop asking her for help with the dumbest things which she would blatantly reply to me with a, “HAAAAY, ISSA! UNSAON NALANG NIMO UG MA MINYO KA? WA JUD KAY NAHIBAWAN!” which I would reply to with a, “kuyog man ka nako forever.” It’s been about 2 years since but honestly, sometimes I still call her but this time just to say hi and that I miss her.

Yaya Chris with “other” child ? (and our other helper, Baby, who also had a baby. lol)

Earlier this year, P & I decided to get our own place which is when it dawned on me that I had to learn how cook… and fast! He has always been the chef between the two of us, having been able to take culinary classes at a local school here in Cebu, and while he was so great at cooking, little Issa was even too scared to touch raw meat. I didn’t want to learn how to cook just for P, let’s get one thing clear. But let’s be real, at 26 years old, it was about time- hell, it was overdue! We don’t live in the early 90’s anymore where help can easily be found- we can’t afford a kusinera or a helper and more than that, I also don’t feel like starving.

Coincidentally, it was also around this time that I had been invited to more and more food events and some of them would have activities where they would teach us how to make certain dishes. This sparked my interest in food and though I could only make the dishes that were taught to me, I would proudly bring these new found semi-skills home and show them off to P.

Slowly, I had developed an interest in food and in eating healthier which encouraged me even more to learn how to start cooking or “assembling” food. I would spend hours on Pinterest, as I still do, pinning recipes for inspiration. Here’s my board!

I started out with breakfast bowls because I had the intentions of eating healthier and well, for the obvious reasons that it’s freakin’ easy to make. Here are a few of my creations:

Bfast bowls turned into salads and sandwiches which is honestly the same thing except now you have to cook ham or your meat of choice:

And since I learned how to cook rice (after a couple weeks of either cooking it too dry or too wet. You literally just add water and yet I still had such a HARD TIME getting it right), I decided to make a deconstructed onigiri bowl after learning how to make an actual onigiri at a previous event:

I was getting homefood sick and I missed Pinoy dishes like humba, sayote with that brown sauce and soo much more! I decided, with the little skills that I had to just go ahead and try it out. I had to learn how to slice, defrost, steam and everything else by watching Youtube videos because that’s how ignorant I was and let me tell you, Youtube has EVERYTHING!

I also sought help from Chef Lau & Chef Jac who encouraged me to make humba and even taught me how to do it- I searched for a recipe online to guide me and here was the final result:

I also made a breakfast burrito wherein I even made the tortilla from scratch!

My biggest achievement though was learning how to make monggos because I really, REALLY love monggos. I started out with this pork belly with mong seeds dish (according to my uncle), which was really the opposite of what I wanted to achieve:

And now, I can literally make this dish with my eyes closed!

Since I’ve made an effort to learn how to cook, I’ve made a pretty good improvement and my friends, family and P can stand to eat my cooking without pretending to like it anymore! haha.

Image result for yummmm gif

I’d love to share my recipes and experience with you on this blog because if I can do it, ANYONE can do it! And hopefully, there’s a little girl out there in the big bad world, hungry to their gut, wishing they could cook reading this and is thinking, “if Issa can do it, so can I!”

Bon Appetite,
Issa P.

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