Win A Wish Blogging Contest feat. ShopBack

I’ve talked about ShopBack a couple (or three, to be exact) times on this blog and I’m always raving about how great it is especially when you’re an avid online shopper like myself. This time, they are giving back to their loyal users by granting them the following prizes:

  • 10 Best Wishlist Winners will get ONE of their items from their wishlist for FREE
    • The prize (item)’s price will be capped at PHP10,000.
  • 2 Most Popular Winners will be chosen from the remaining entrants for the Most Popular category and will win PHP3,000 cash prize each.
    • The more like/shares you have across your social media, the higher chance you have to win.
  • 5 Consolation Prize Winners will be chosen from the remaining entrants and will win PHP1,000 cash prize each.

And all you have to do is share your wishlist on your blogs and why you want them! Here’s my list:


A vacation care of Expedia

2016 has not really been my year and I am desperate to get away and just have some peace and quiet to myself. Having been said, tickets to a nice destination would be the perfect way to treat myself from all the stress I’ve been through lately.



Daniel Wellington watch

A girl can never have too much…of anything which is why you will see a couple of watches in this selection. Daniel Wellington has always been a good brand when it comes to watches that will last ages and this classic design is just perfect for my personality.


A hard drive from Samsung

Every blogger needs to back up their photos, files and other important documents. Having a hard drive that’s fast and can store all my important files is crucial which is why I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stock up on my very own hard drive.


Casio watch

Simple, sleek and elegant- need I say more?


Melissa Sandals

Been eyeing these babies online and in their display booths for a while but I just cannot bring myself to invest in them just yet but these Melissa sandals are super cute!

So here is my top 5 list of items that I would gladly take home if I win the Win A Wish Blogging Contest by ShopBack. All these vendors accredited by ShopBack so whether you intend to join the contest or just shop to your hearts’ content, be sure to do it through ShopBack!

To find out more about how you can enter and hopefully win this contest, click here.

Good luck!

Issa P.

Shopping Made More Fun feat.

I love online shopping especially if it involves a discount voucher and a good deal. But if there’s anything better than a sale and not having to leave the comforts of my own home, it’s getting your money back after making a good purchase. Through ShopBack.phonline shopping just got a lot better by giving you the opportunity to actually earn your money back by shopping online!

As an online shopper, has been a great outlet for me to enjoy shopping and in fact, it has encouraged me to shop online even more! Plus, with their wide selection of online shops under their belt, it’s impossible to run out of places to shop at.

I recently signed up and here’s a quick review of my experience so far!



Signing up for is super simple and it’s something that I appreciate from a lot of online retailers nowadays. I hate having to remember numerous passwords for different accounts so by being able to log in with just my Facebook account makes everything so much easier. Plus you get P 150.00 sign up bonus which means more shopping money so yey!




What impressed me the most about was its wide selection of brands to shop at whether it was for fashion, travel, home, electronics and etc. It does not limit me from just shopping for clothes but instead, I can do all my online shopping here and guarantee some of my money back. Money that can be used to do more shopping or just in case I need a little extra for a rainy day.

If you’re going to shop, you should at least be shopping smart 😉


I did a little shopping at Zalora and within 4 hours, my cashback appeared on my ShopBack account! Not only am I a future proud owner of a pretty new romper from Zalora, but I also got P47.30 back from it! That’s what I call a fun shopping experience!

Make sure to check out during your next shopping trip! It’s super easy and fun to use and anyone who enjoys online shopping as much as I do is super to enjoy it!