Shopping for Trends ft. StyleWe

I’m at it again, tab shopping instead of window shopping and I have to admit, this selection has by far been my favorite!

I found myself browsing through StyleWe this time and I’ve developed a particular fondness for their designer section which is full of trendy, versatile and essential closet picks.

Honestly, I don’t really know what my “style” is but lately I’ve been leaning more towards basics and comfortable pieces because I’ve been working a lot more than I typically have over the past few months. Being able to move with ease is my topmost priority now and these pieces are perfect for the sudden lifestyle shift. PLUS, I could totally travel in these pieces, too!

Angel Eyes



If you’re a total online shopping junkie, I would definitely recommend checking out StyleWe.

Honestly, can we ever have enough clothes??

Happy Shopping,

Issa P.

Shopping for Chic Clothing for Women with

StyleWean online shopping platform for independent fashion designers, aims to provide customers (mainly from the US) with original, unique and high quality easy favorites pieces of clothing for women regardless of size, shape and style.

Their wide selection of clothing whether it be dresses, tops, bottoms and other pieces are great for any occasion day in and day out. I took a few minutes (which easily turned into hours) and found myself gawking over their dresses which I would easily love to add to my personal collection. Here’s a quick look of my favorite pieces:






Check out more of their pieces, which by the way, are on SALE here


The designers behind StyleWe

Check out what their happy customers have to say about the brand on their reviews page.

Happy shopping everyone,

Issa Perez