Styling The Comeback Denim Skirt & Vans Eras

When it comes to fashion trends, I believe in the saying: better late than never OR better late than EVER. You see, I will never be the first person to jump on a trend but I will keep a very close eye on it so I can decide if I really want it or if I’ve just been lulled into it by the brain washing media. lol.

FACT: I just bought the full button up version of this skirt.
FACT: These are my first pair of Vans Eras.
FACT: I have never worn fishnet socks prior to this.
FACT: I’ve been using this shirt as a pambalay.

It took me a while to actually embrace this button up denim skirt trend mostly because it seemed a tad bit matriarchal for me. Weird because it’s obviously a trend for the younger women of our times. But not long after this skirt resurfaced, so did a lot of 90’s inspired prints and I simply couldn’t resist!

So for this trend I say, better late than never.

Star Wars Shirt: Old Navy| Skirt: Gaisano Carcar| Fishnet socks: Forever21| Sneakers: Vans
Aviator glasses: Forever21

FACT: I look like a trend magazine puked all over me.

Blogging from Dumaguete,

Issa P.

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Set Phasers To Stun


When it’s hot outside but I still want to have look chic and have a good fall back for the evening ahead, I know I can always rely on a trusty blazer. It’s not a secret, blazers are a must have in every man and woman’s closet and today I decided to take mine out for a spin.

With the insane weather, I know it sounds a bit insane to be sporting a blazer which is why I keep it off for most of the day and put it on when I’m indoors like while watching a movie which is what is on today’s agenda.

Also, I would like to thank my brother and sister for not being home today and allowing me to raid their closets because I was sick of all my clothes. You’re the real MVP’s. Don’t kill me when I get home.





Cap: Volcom| Blazer: Promod| Shirt: H&M| Shorts: Cotton On| Shoes: Sketchers


Invest in siblings. Steal all their clothes,


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