[VLOG] Back To School Looks

School is just around the corner and I’m sure a lot of my young readers are both eager and nervous at the same time. I know a lot of things are running through your heads right now and the last thing you want to worry about is what you are going to wear on the first day of school. I know what it’s like to be you so I’ve decided to come up with a few looks for you to try and replicate for at least the first 5 days of school. 😉

I also want to talk about the quality of my videos, my editing and this whole Youtube thing. I know my editing, backgrounds and what not aren’t the best right now and I’m trying reallyyy hard to learn how to edit on my own so if you have any suggestions and ideas, please let me know so I can apply them in my next video. Your opinion means a lot to me and I am always looking for ideas to make this blog better!

Lastly, for this video I also tried to wear brands and clothing that are affordable and school appropriate. Some of you might be ashamed to shop at department stores but that shame speaks more about you and the kind of person you are. No offense, but it’s the #truth. Although there are a few looks that are sleeveless, don’t hesitate to wear a jacket over it, if needed! Here are the brands that I have featured in this vlog:

Look 1 (Monday)
Off shoulder top: Meanies Closet | Jumper: ZaloraLace ups: Tutum Shop| Choker: Yourfashionfriend_Cebu

Look 2 (Tuesday)
Choker top: Gaisano| Trousers: Vero ModaFlats: MaggiesBox

Look 3 (Wednesday)
Headband: Forever21Top: Forever21Pants: Lets StylizeSneakers: Metro Ayala Department Store

Look 4 (Thursday)
Top: Abercrombie & FitchPants: Gaisano

Look 5:
Dress: H&MKimono: Let’s StylizeSneakers: Adidas

Still really trying to learn how to make fashion vlogs so please bear with me. 😛 But this is definitely a big jump from my first “Rainy Day Looks” video! haha. Anyways, check out a few back to school look ideas that are perfect for colleges located in warmer places. If you’re from the Philippines and you have strict dress code rules, you can still use a lot of these ideas by just throwing on a nice sweater to match!

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Stay in school,

Issa P.


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[VLOG] May 2016 Favorites


Sharing my favorites for the month of May from bags, clothes, make up and even mobile phone applications!

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Hoping that my favorites become your favorites,

Issa Perez


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[VLOG] Meiko Cosmetics Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Make Up Review

YEY to make up reviews! 🙂

I’m no beauty expert but I know what works on my skin and I am ecstatic to show you guys one product that I am 100% invested in right now- Meiko Cosmetics Naturactor Cover Face Concealer!

So just to go through it quickly for those who do not have time to watch the video, here are my pros and cons of this product.


  • It’s lightweight
  • You don’t need to put a lot of your face which means, this tiny container will last you a really long time
  • It has great coverage
  • It affordable (P550.00- P650.00) at Let’s Stylize
  • It’s made from safe ingredients



  • DEBATABLE: The smell. It doesn’t really bother me though some have described it as having a granny-like smell. Whatever that means.

Naturactors come in 5 shades and I am currently using the 151. By the looks of it, you would think that since I am on the fair side that I would be a 141 but it’s pink undertones don’t quite fit my skin tone. I actually do have the 141 and the 151 and you can see the swatches and difference in the video.


I would definitely recommend this product for women who have uneven skin tones and can’t seem to find a concealer that they’re truly happy with. I find that this product is very good and you don’t need to use a lot of it to get the coverage that you want. I’d say that make up wise, that’s definitely been my struggle over the years especially during really warm weathers… but not anymore. 🙂

For your own Naturactors, feel free to get in touch with Let’s Stylize!

Til the next,

Issa Perez

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[VLOG] Behind The Scenes with G Shock & Shockwear Watches @ The Outlets at Pueblo Verde



G Shock and Baby G watches have been in my blood ever since I was a little girl. I fondly remember their 90’s designs and using the detachable rubber stoppers as “braces” because 1. I thought it was cool and because 2. I was a pretty gross kid. HAHA. (please tell me I wasn’t the only one who did this, please!)

 So when I was asked to be the ambassador for G- Shock from their official distributors, Shockwear, you could only imagine my utmost delight.

Here is a short BTS vlog from the wonderful day I spent checking out and shooting with the brand. Stay tuned (subscribe, bookmark, follow) for the final photos which I will be releasing on the blog soon.

A special thanks to the Pixie Dust Creations team for always taking care of me and for always keeping me in mind.

Check out Shockwear at the Outlets at Pueblo Verde for authentic and affordable G Shock apparel.

What time is it?




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Semi Old but Still Equally Awesome News : I’m Now On Youtube


Never really made a formal introduction or a welcome heads up on Youtube and I figured it was only right to do so. (That, and it was highly suggested by my account manager. Love you, Rai!) So here’s an introduction into my life, my channel  and what’s in store for all of you!

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[VLOG] Serious Sundays: How Did I Get Over My Quarter Life Crisis?

I’ve been a bad vlogger! :’)) I blame my crappy internet and the lack of a functioning laptop but THAT IS ALL FIXED NOW! (yaaaaas)

If you know what it’s like to not know what you really want to be in life or if you feel like there’s something more out there for you then I’m sure that you can relate to this video.

Thank you to Alex who asked me this question and if you have anything you want me to tackle on the vlog, leave them below or in the comments section of my video! <3

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[VLOG] What’s In My Make Up Kit?

Find out what kind of make up I use on a daily basis as I show you a fun and in depth look of the contents of my makeup kit! 🙂

For those who are curious about where I purchased my Korean make up from, check out my favorite make up hub, Caffe Dara.

I plan on doing a video of how I do my make up on a daily basis next so let me know if that’s something you look forward to seeing or let me know what kind of videos you want to see in the comments below!

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Lots of love,


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Serious Sundays: Is He Sincere?

It’s another Sunday and another episode of Serious Sundays with ME! 🙂

This weeks question is from a very sweet reader of mine who I have had the pleasure of meeting and actually becoming friends with. Hope my advice helps you, L!

If you want to send in your questions, find out how in the description box.

Til next week,


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Serious Sundays: Amanda Bynes Is My Inspiration In Life


Happy Sunday, errbody!

Here’s today’s edition of Serious Sundays and if you have a question you’d wanna ask me, you can leave a comment below and I will try to feature it on a vlog entry like this.

It’s your time to shine,


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Serious Sundays Vlog: Questions From No One


Wow guys, I am on a roll today!

A little late, Filipino time wise, but it’s STILL Sunday SOMEWHERE in the world. Also, since we’re already giving excuses, I would like to know WHY MY INTERNET SERVICE IS SO SLOW, ________?!?!?! You have ruined scheduled blogging/ vlogging for EVERYONE. *eye roll. slap. kick. stab*

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video as I am truly having a wonderful time discovering myself better through vlogging. I feel like it’s a better outlet to talk and express myself and show you guys a different, more annoying side of me (that you will all learn to love).

If you want to ask me ANYTHING, check out the description of the video for my contact details.



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