Pop District Bazaar Anniversary

Pop District Bazaar is a 2- day event that will highlight different fashion, lifestyle and food brands all in one place. It promotes local and startup businesses that you can find mostly in the online community. Through this event, we strive to help educate local entrepreneurs what it means to produce excellent products.


For this event, Pop District Bazaar is going for a bohemian, gypsy like theme which will be filled with lots of interesting mini events such as talks from our favorite bloggers, clay art making, poetry sessions and a lot more!


Tickets are available at P 100.00 which is good for 2 days! 

Photos grabbed from the Pop District Bazaar official Facebook page. Follow them for more updates!

See all of you there,

Issa P.

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[VLOG] Get Ready With Me!

Make up has been a part of my life ever since I stepped in college. Other than a requirement, it later on became something that I enjoyed doing and experimenting with.

I try to change my make up routine every once in a while in regards to the weather or the occasion but most of the time, I stick to this routine while experimenting with different products as well.

I hope you enjoy getting ready with me today and I hope to hear more of your comments and suggestions!

Enjoy your Holy Week,


p.s. my voice is kinda funky in this video because I was sick. lol.

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