[VLOG] What’s In My Make Up Kit?

Find out what kind of make up I use on a daily basis as I show you a fun and in depth look of the contents of my makeup kit! 🙂

For those who are curious about where I purchased my Korean make up from, check out my favorite make up hub, Caffe Dara.

I plan on doing a video of how I do my make up on a daily basis next so let me know if that’s something you look forward to seeing or let me know what kind of videos you want to see in the comments below!

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(Un)Heavy Baggage: What’s In My Bag?

Since you asked for it, you got it! This weeks post is a little, de-cluttered version of what I keep inside my bag.


For a long time, my Mary Kate and Ashley loving side insisted that I lug around over sized leather bags with me wherever I go. But since I’ve been going to events more often, I’ve decided to retire my big bags and opt for tinier pieces that compliment my look more and add less pressure to my shoulders.

My current favorite is this Dooney and Bourke bag that was a hand me down from my mom. Ok, so the truth is, I’ve never really purchased a bag for myself… I’m always waiting for hand me downs or I raid my mom/ sister’s closet. They’ve always had better taste than me when it came to that department so I soley rely on them for my bag needs.




Left to right: Watsons mini wet wipes, XOXO calling card case, drivers license, Watsons breat strips, Watsons travel floss, FaceIt liquid eyeliner, Stila lipstick, Mi powerbank, Sony Xperia Z1

During events I only like to carry around what’s necessary so I try to keep it as light as possible.  I’ll occasionally carry a small notebook and a pen in there but if I don’t need to carry one then I most likely leave it out.

I don’t like stuffing my bag (anymore) in case I need to fit something else in there so lately, this is majority of what I have in my bag.


Behind the scenes, I’m always carrying everything I need with me which I carry in a bigger bag that I leave in the car. Aside from these 3 little bags, I have my camera; organizer and probably an extra pair of flats, if I’m at an event.

I’m one of those people who practices bagception (a bag within bag. get it? haha) and although it tends to get a bit bulky, it’s a risk I am willing to take in an attempt to keep my bag organized.

Here they are:


Make up bag 1 (front left- right) : Suesh blush bursh, Quick FX No- Shine Mattifier, Tony Moly gel eyeliner, My mom’s old lipstick (I think it’s Shu Uemura or Elizabeth Arden), Stila lipstick, FaceIt concealer, Holika Holika Wonder Drawing eyebrow pencil, FaceIt liquid eyeliner, ELF gel contouring kit, Mamonde brow kit, Rimmel mascara, Maybelline mineral powder, Stila lip gloss,  Holika Holika blush on and Tony Moly BCDation foundation

Most make up from Dara Beauty market

I like to keep 2 separate make up bags. 1 for make up I regularly use and a second make up bag for when I want to play up my make up or do something differently. If you’ve noticed, I’m never short on wet wipes since I find myself constantly using them to wipe my (or Paolo’s) hands and face.

I’m always changing my make up routines depending on the day and weather which is why there are so many things in my make up bag. I don’t actually use all of these in one day! Just in case you had any violent reactions…



Make up bag 2 (from left- right): Katy Perry Meow perfume, Stila eye shadow brush, Watsons lipstick, Peripera Lip tint, Ever Bilena blush on, Mac lipstick, Brow blade, Marionaud eye shadow brush, Stila eye shadow and Kleenex Wipes


Emergency kit (from left- right): Watson’s breath strips and floss, Dove travel deodorant,  Green Cross alcohol and Watson’s Wet Wipes

And lastly, my emergency kit that I keep in the car at most times unless I’m traveling and I need to keep it in my bag. I also keep my vape juice in here just in case I run low and a few napkins when it’s almost that time of the month.

Now you know what’s in my bags!