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The Best Places For Gourmet Weekends

Yes, there are some top food destinations in the US, but they are not as good as those we offer in our article. From the Shetland Islands to the Strait of Gibraltar, you will not find better places for a weekend, seasoned with the most delicious and aromatic food. Meet the “strongholds” of the culinary traditions of Europe, best food destinations – cities, and regions, where it is worth spending two or three days exclusively for food. This article is kindly provided by travel experts from the site Planet Of Brides.

Catch And Cook the Lobster in Sweden
The coast of Bohuslan is one of the main natural treasures of Sweden, but in its clear waters, there is another treasure – culinary one. We are talking about the mighty (no joke!) lobsters. From September to December, gourmet pilgrims from all over the world come here to go to the lobster safari from the local Handelsman Flink hotel. Here they are offered to catch their lunch, cook it under the strict guidance of the chef at the hotel restaurant and then enjoy the result during a feast of three dishes.

The Abundance Of Whiskey in Scotland
In this case, everything is easier comparing with other food destinations. Stop for a weekend somewhere in the countryside of Scotland, enjoy the charming nature, silence and fragrant whiskey – not only at dinner but also in the process of tasting at one of the famous whiskey factories. Fortunately, there is not such a place in Scotland where quality whiskey is not produced.

Ham, Cheese And Wine in Northern Italy
Italy, perhaps the most famous country in terms of national cuisine and food tourism destinations, can offer its guests very, very much. In order not to talk too much, we turn our attention to the northern region of Emilia-Romagna – the culinary treasury of the country. Here, the whole kitchen revolves around prosciutto – raw ham, cheese (parmesan, gorgonzola), meat and wine. To fully enjoy these benefits of sunny Italy, it is better to go to one of the Food & Wine tours around the region. For example, in the vicinity of Parma – home of the very Parma ham. Here you can also taste black truffles and ceps, flavored with fragrant olive oil or balsamic vinegar, hard cheese varieties and tart wine. This one of the best food destinations in the world, mind you.

Get lost in Champagne, France
Tour of Champagne Рthe province of France, famous for its wines and sparkling drinks, can spin the heads of even the most persistent of us. And all because of the magic bubbles, an elegant chain stretching to the sun from the bottom of your glass. Weekend in Champagne will be the sunniest, delightful and inspiring Рafter all, in addition to wine tasting,  medieval cities, picturesque grape fields and landscapes worthy of the brush of Mone are waiting for you.

Tour Of the Orchards of Somerset in England
Plunging into the refreshing taste of the Somerset vintage cider perhaps is the best that can be thought up for the sultry May weekend. Having reached this conservative and charming town, every tourist receives a map with a route that will take him through fragrant apple orchards, where there are growing awesome fruits that will later turn into famous cider. Of course, the walk is not only botanical, it provides stops in old pubs, pubs, and farms to refresh yourself with a good pint, have a snack, talk with a local conservative, but charming people.

Work on Portuguese Vineyards in the Douro River Valley
Having received the status of the World Heritage of Humanity in 2001, the valley of the Douro River in Portugal has recently become an increasingly popular travel destination for lovers of fine wine. However, it’s boring just to come and enjoy a drink of the vine. Therefore, especially for travelers, there are unique interactive programs. For example, work in vineyards and learn more about “life” of wine and its production, after a rich weekend at one of the local farms.

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