The Iconic YSL Smoking Jacket feat. Farfetch

I always love a good Polyvore post especially when  it comes at 12 midnight on a work day. Gotta burn that midnight candle!
The iconic smoking jacket by none other than Yves Saint Lauren should be every woman’s (and even men’s) staple piece. A good blazer is always useful for important meetings, fun day outs or even for lazy days when you can’t decide what to wear but you still wanna look posh anyways.
So I’m sharing this look I put together to show you how I would wear the ever popular smoking jacket. You can obviously tell it’s something I would wear by the fact that it’s 1. a mixture of feminine and masculine pieces, 2. it has a hat and 3. I can actually imagine myself smoking in it… if I smoked, anyways.
YSL set


Yves Saint Laurent side zip pants
118,440 PHP –

Yves Saint Laurent chain strap purse
125,755 PHP –

Yves saint laurent earrings
45,500 PHP –

Yves Saint Laurent gray hat
25,150 PHP –

Silver cigarette holder
2,285 PHP –

How would you wear it?

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