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The Most Nostalgic Items At Landers (Cebu) And Some “Adult” Stuff, Too

You can CLEARLY see what my priorities in life are based on this title alone. #teamforeveryoung :))

I dropped by Cebu’s latest crazed attraction, Landers Superstore and I’m pretty sure everyone in Cebu knows what it is already so I’m not going to get into much detail about it. But just in case you really wanted to know the important stuff, you can check out my friends’ blogs: Iluvcebu, Count Ocram, Sophia Sanchez and Jean Yu. I’m simply here for the entertainment value. Or not.

A little known fact about Cebuano’s (or anyone, in general), is that we will literally flock like a fly to a light bulb to anything remotely new as if it’s a one day thing and needless to say, Paolo and I made the not-so-smart decision of dropping by Landers during their opening day. I still question our decision making process til this very day but hey, it yielded this blog entry to I guess it all worked out in the end.

As much as I care (I really don’t) about adult things like soap and meat and all that other crap, I’ll be honest, I was more enthralled about the candy section more than anything else so I decided to snap my childhood faves that I found sitting prettily on the aisles of Lander’s to show to all of you… ENJOY!

Twizzlers Twist – P 79.75

Starburst Fruit Chews – P 99.75

Assorted Flavored Combos – 109.75

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tea- P 64.75

Whole Rolled Oats – P 148.75

LifeSavers Gummies – P 89.75

Keebler Animal Cookies Frosted – P 249.75

Roca Thins

Jif To Go

Sweet Tarts – P 89.75

Runts – P 89.75

Pop Tarts- P 149.75

Bunch Crunch!!!

Ok fine, here’s some semi adult stuff, too. But only of the ones that I like!

Hamilton Beach Oven Toaster- P 2,609.75
(Actually, I really need a toaster)

Rosarita Tradition Refried Beans

Beef RibEye Steak – P477.35

Greek Yogurt – P 110.75

Almond Fresh Milk

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Museli Pod – P 139.75

Flavored Quinoa – P 249.75

Spinach & Kale chips – P 139.75

Assorted Sauce – P 149.75

Tortilla Wraps – P 109.75


Lots of furniture!!



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