the worst countdown in the world

so today it’s 3 days til i meet my dad again. every single time i think i about it, i feel like getting sick and puking. i know the best solution is proli not to think about it because MAYBE it’s not a big deal. but we all know that it is. It is a very big deal.

i cried on my papa’s belly this morning because i couldn’t take it anymore. Sure the drinking was fun, i got to hang with Christian, but you know, i guess there are just some things alcohol cannot make up for anymore. Guess there are just some feelings that don’t go away as fast as the other feelings have and gaaah. i’m tired of always talking about this.

I am looking forward to CESAFI though. i hope my friends watch. I hope christian watches. He’s so cute and tiny  want to squish him. haha.


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