there’s just something about this summer

hey. lol. im at the grandmother’s place right now. uh huh. it’s cuz the parents’re too busy tpp bring me to th doctor that i actually had to sleep over just so i could do this and that.. oh well, at least i get to go to ayala alot. i’ve been there 2 days staright and if i go with krystle [cousin/ aunt/ something] it’ll be 3 plus thursday, 4. nice, is. you’re the bomb. she knows. lol. these are the parts of summer me like. .ol. yeah, i went to ayala today with the bestfriend and the summer boys. lagz, vince, martin, but we spent most of the time with the shrink and the love. lol. ambot nimo,issa.

guitar lessons have been ok, aside from a waste of my time. it’s nothing i cant handle. i’ve been through hell. it’s nothin new


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