Traditions <3

Christmas traditions:
– Christmas eve-
1. Have family dinner
2. Go to church at the chapel just to see all the neighbors because that’s really one of the ONLY times you get to see them
3. Have goofy programs where the kids sing and dance
4. Open gifts
5. Picture taking
6. Play with gifts while the oldies drink their wine and eat
7. Open gifts from parents ONLY

-Christmas morning-
1. Wake up to open gifts from Santa
2. Get ready to go to the mall to return/ exchange the gifts my PAPA doesn’t like
3. Spend time with cousins 🙂

New year traditons:
– A Day Before (30th)-
1. Go to Mactan and buy fireworks

-New Years Eve-
1. Spend the whole day preparing
2. Go to church at the chapel again
3. Watch the neighbors use OUR fireworks because papa won’t let us play with fireworks 🙁
4. Eat [3 and 4 are interchangeable or may happen simultaneously]
5. At 12 we basically cry. hahahaha
6. Then we drink up!!
7. I stay up til 8 in the morning blogging. basically summing up the whole year that’s passed 🙂

What are your traditions?

11 thoughts on “Traditions <3

  1. “exchange the gifts my PAPA doesn’t like” LOL sounds like a funny tradition hahaha!!Look forward to your 8 hour blog :)!! Should be fun to read since you’ll be trashed off your face hahaha XD!! On new years eve I’ll probably stay up till midnight, give my closest friends a call and be all happy 😀 and then go to sleep early because new years day there is always a sharing meeting at church, then just hang around afterwards 😀 should be fun!! ^_^.

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