weird people on the net

i have soccer at 1 and it’s 12:35 and i haven’t even bothered to comb my hair yet. I am too lazy to do anything gyud and i think i will die. hahaha.

i posted a new video on youtube and now this person from Peru keeps bugging to see my FEET. god. weird people, really. lol.

xab’s 18th tonight and i cannot wait! i was out all day yesterday at the mall trying to find a dress for the occasion gyud. Well, i eventually found something but it isn’t really want i wanted. i wanted to go for a grungier look. sort of like a, i-know-this-is-a-semi-formal-party-but-i-look-like-a-rockstar-in-this-anyways look. but then xab also started btching about she has a costume made for my party which in my opinion are two very different things because i had a costume. she’s making us wear FUCKING BLACK. as if i wasn’t dark enough. i could practically go naked.

oh shit, i didn’t know bluebarry cheese cakes melted! gotta go. i need to finish some really good cake!

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