Where to Buy Prom Dresses in the UK Online

If you’re currently living in the UK and it’s prom season or your just looking to shop for a chic little number, then you are in luck!

Online shopping has definitely been a rising trend when it comes to consumerism and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I guess that’s because anyone can do it in the comforts of your home and it’s just a lot easier to skim through styles and preferences as compared to going to an actual store.

While the internet does have a lot of hubs to go shopping, I do have a short list of online retailers who have been trusted and recognized in this sphere for their affordability, quality and services. These stores are particularly useful if you’re living in the UK but they also have shipping options so if you’re willing to pay a little more then why not?

Let’s start:

Boohoo’s style is super cute, fresh and sassy. While they don’t have a lot of options in formal dresses, their cute cocktail dresses are super to make you turn heads.

Princess Wedding Dresses / Ball Gowns
Amazon is known to be the kings of retail and with good reason. Not only will you be able to get your prom dress there, you’ll even be able to get your shoes, jewelry, probably even you make up and everything else in between.

Misguided I love Missguided’s funking and cool branding and would love to find out more about their styles. They seem to be a lot similar to Nasty Gal but with a more refined edge. I definitely filled up my cart there.


OKDress’ were more than just OK, they were great! Out of all the website, they’re the only ones that actually had a dedicated space for Prom dreses, making navigation simpler. They’ve also got a lot of styles from short to long, sexy and subtle and everything else in between. I was so drawn to this dress that I am heavily considering patterning my entourages’ dresses around it! We’ll see where that goes…


Anyhoo, I hope that this list was helpful!

Issa P.

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