you are an exquisite waste of my time…

at the school internet cafe where they charge us 25.00 pesos a fucking hour when i could use the internet for FREE at the library if i only had the time to get my id validated. unfortunately, i don’t have the time and will power to do it so yeah, i guess 50.00 is going to be wasted todayy. lol

so yeah.. school’s been a bitch and my head really REALLY hurts right now. i made a silly video on tyra’s laptop today and i am going to post that on my youtube. so far i have 18 subbies and that makes me one of the happiest people in the world right now. it probably not much at all but it’s something to me. so in the end, it still means something.

i finally met kiona the other day and it was surisingly pleasant. lol. she’s weird in ways and she talks like she’s in pain or like her brain doesn’t process information enough or something like that. but yeah, she’s my sister. :] i really do want to get to know her and i proli will but it’ll take a lot of time cuz you know me with people. i’m just not good at it.

And mike. I’m at a point where i’m getting bored and tired of him. He has a life of his own. one where i’m hardly in. he is obsessed with his gym and his modeling aspirations and he only wants me on saturdays when he doesn’t have money to go out and he wants to cuddle. i never signed up for anything like this. so maybe i’ll break up with him after a month or maybe i’ll just forget that we’re together and just stop everything. HAHAH. it’s weird that we’re together, really. i’m begining to think that maybe i shouldn’t date anymore. but i know i won’t do that >]

i so badly want to play L4D right now but there is no one to play with. :[

hhjlfghskjfgh;ljg bored out of my fucking mind.

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