♫ I’ll Be Anything You Ask & More ♫

♫ It’s 20 seconds to the last call
Going hey, hey, hey, hey
Lie down, you know it’s easy
Like we did it two summer long ♫
-1901 – Birdy

Gold cardigan: Thrifted| Floral long sleeves: Thrifted| Salmon pants: IT Park Bazaar| Belt: Aizilym Shoes: Gap| Watch: Fossil
I tend to dress like this. You know, mix inexpensive items with my nicer ones. I’m not as brand conscious as I used to be when I was growing up and I know how to appreciate thrifted items a whole lot now as compared to before. Is anyone else like this, too?
I promise to lay low on the corporate dressing because I’m getting pretty tired of it, as well.
Happy start of summer, everyone!! 🙂

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