You make me want to bottle this happiness for a bad day because I don’t think that anyone can make me as happy as you do. I know that that’s probably not the most logical thing to say but fuck what my mind thinks, my heart says that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My heart thinks a lot of things that I will never have the courage to tell you like “I love you” and “I never want this to end” and that I miss you the second you say good-bye. My mind tells me that one day you will go away but my heart says that I am never going to let that happen to us. We have a good thing and this happiness, well; it feels real so I’m going to lay it all on the line for you.

I like the way you look at me and how you I can never be mad at you.

I like how I get butterflies and chills down my spine despite my thinking that things like this are easily fleeting.

I like how the thought of you makes me smile and how I would do anything to keep being with you. Within reason, of course.

I like how I’m not so mad at the world anymore and how you make me want to be better. Not different, but better.

I like how I can survive not being with or around you but how I would still choose watching you play Skyrim at any time of the day any day.

I like how we get along so well.

I like the fact that you know me so well and how you tell me things about you that make me feel like I know you a little more than anyone else does.

I like how you smell, your smile, your arms, the way you laugh and that goofy look on your face when you do.

I like how you’re my best friend and I am not afraid of you or of what you think of me.

How you chose me despite everything and how I would never change a thing about us or how we started or why we chose to to begin with.

And although most of the time I confuse you logic and your emotions, I would not change a thing. You are everything awesome and I am right where I am supposed to be- in your arms. 

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