well, these past few days have been something. first: i’m finally out of the pastor’s house so things are more peaceful. i can finally lie down in MY bed and stay up for as long as i want surfing the net. plus factor: i love the smell of paint. fyi: our house is white now!! cream was nice. but white is white. lmao

and the highlight of this holiday was sleeping at kathya’s place. that was just precious. we stayed up until 3 but i know kathya stayed up longer. i fell asleep on her for the second time. god damnit. lmao. and before that, we went to Sm with her family. me, kathya and kristos played racing. Kathya is such a cheater. i knew she was trying to get back at me for beating her at MONOPOLY her FAVORITE board game. eat that. ;p see.. i told you buying all the rail roads would help. ;p we had a dvd marathon. kill bill was too graphic for my likes so we watched another movie. i don’t remember which. and then we both cried to the notebook. but the best one was 40 year old virgin. passion of the christ was boring. no offense to mel gibson, he is my grand father and all. lmao. and i fell asleep watching view from the top. i stil wanna wwatch it though, rats.

yesterday, me and alvin had a big ol fight. must not repeat it. comment me if you wanna know though. 😛

today: my eyes are still sore from crying. comment me twice if you wanna know why.


+ i call this holiday the holdiay of hatred ++

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