finally.. alone. lmao. tom, dj and anne were here. i doubt the guys had that much fun. hey,  told them it was to make our proj. sorry boys, we;ll have fun later. hey, tom got to watch pon.. he should be contented. fyi. channel 69, fashion tv. that’s the closest he can get in this house. wholesome fun people!

im buried with projects and it’s not even funny! lmao. haha. gimme a break! anyways, gota research smore.


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  1. shit… projects…at least some people turned out at your house to try and help you…im all alone… and i still have driving lessons to put up withthen i gotta buy the materials… then ‘maybe’ ill start working on them………but why am i posting this all here?! O_Oi should make this an entry for my page XDlmao

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