damn. i bailed on school. i forgot to tell my parents tha I did have school. but any way.. i still wouldn’t go to school. i was sick! sab calls it the intrams hangover… well, that’s what i heard. ;p love you sab!

i think i was overly pissed about the certificate i got. by the way, it’s on the fridge. talk about a sight for sore eyes! haha.

soo, i stayed home until casey got here.. we went to JY square and walked around a but. that’s how i got the internet to go online. Dj.. i have nno use for you anymore. lmao. just playing. anyways, we bought a gift for isabella. she’s turning 8 nah. Goshies. time flies. [sniff sniff] pshyce!!!! that made me sound SOO old!

i proli won’t go to school tom. simply cuz i don’t want to. so, i’l see all you scholl suckers when i get back.

p.s. kevin welcome to the world of xanga. unfortunetly, there ain’t THAT much porn here. lmao

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