me and kathya are emoting right now.. well, let’s just say, she’ll listennin and im doin most o the talking.. hey, i nag.

stc and mmch=

sorry, i know most of the people who read my blogs are from mmch but, i can;t keep it in. if you must know, i hate your school. i hate that it’s soo small, cemented everywhere! it’s like a prison. i hate the rules, the teachers, the uniform, the canteen, the family days, intrams and yes, i hate the people as well. i’m not saying all. but i do hate them. i’ve been to this fucking school for 6 months already and i still hate it. my idea of the place is still the same. just a little steps away from hell.

i don’t fit in. honestly. i don’t know what people think of me and quite frankly, i really don’t give a shit because i have my own little but deep thoughts about everyone at school and most of them aren’t pretty.

i find almost everyone annoying and i wish i could run away from them… forever. but pride doesn’t let you do that.

the people is just something that i can’t change. i know… so i stay away. but you see, the more i do, the more i feel left out because no one tries. no one cares and they can all fuck themselves for all i care.

i hate miss annabelle. she can’t leave me alone. hey, if i could leave… i would. you wouldn’t see me standing in line waitin to die everyday. you wouldn’t hear me singing your stupid song. if i could burndown the place, i would.

I don’t know what god’s purpose was for wantin me there. why ijust didn’t stay. why of all the places it had to be somewhere worse.

i miss stc, i never unmissed it. i hate mmch, u never unhated it.

but i have to deal.

if there’s one thing i never got over, that i could never take my finger off of, it would have to be this.

i csn’t wait for graduation.

i’ll spare the few good memoriez i have left.

college has to be better, i know it does.

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