Omg! Today was soo much fun! Me, Kate, Kathya, Chabel, Geneva [waaaaah! I’m taller than you, bai!], Tara and Anghelo. We watched the Corpse Bride. It’s such a cute movie! I swear if I was paying enough attention I would’ve cried a little bit. In fairness, the corpse bride was kinda pretty. The songs were kinda annoying though, like I didn’t hear most of the lines cuz of it. But anyways. LMAO!

* Hala! Hary Potter! Aye, di diay!* *Hala!* Hala, unsa gani to, Tar?*

After the movie, we all headed down to Bigbys. We all chipped in to get a Titanic. – FYI It this humongous ice cream with ice under it!


haha. See how beautiful it looks?! Well, hahaiz. Ambot nalang gyud aning Anghelo cuz it didn’t stay that way for long. Just in the middle of eating it, they DISCOVERED that under some ice cream was ice. Hahaiz. SOMEONE suddenly came up with the idea that you were supposed to mix it!

It ended up looking like halo-halo and stupidly, no one stopped Anghelo from mixing it! There are even so guilty people out there!! Lmao.

So, they were mixing and mixing until it ended up looking like piggy food! Then, I, Issa the great realized that… OMG! You aren’t supposed to mix it! It’s to keep the ice cream from melting!

* haha. So maybe I was wrong about that one but still, you weren’t supposed to mix it!!!!

So world, I present to you the after pictures



We were just soo loud. Bobbing for spoons and everything. Then we cam whored and everything. Hahaiz. Anghelo, chick boy! I can’t wait till you go gay! Just playing.

* starbucks *

* frap! Frap! Latte! Latte! Uhm miss, one lollipop please! K” lmao

well at least tag 25 sad ang lollipop noh!!! Haha.

Hahaiz. It was soo much fun. We caught up with Tara and Josh. I absolutely love Tara! Hhmmm.. big hugginz for you, beb.

 à I felt like sucha momma pulling on his chin and everything. Next thing you know, Ima be fixing his hair with my spit.

 à brothah! Haha. We’re soo alike … in terms of height rasad hinuon. “omg. You’re 13?! OMFG! You’re 15?!” ok. Nice one. K

 à what the hell is up with my face? See, I knew I was ugly but damn. That just proves my point. Tsk tsk tsk


 à haha. Kath, you look like you’re going to attach the poor phone. Have mercy.

 à just the girls. [violent reaction. Anghelo: paita. From paparazzi to cameraman.]

 à chab’s feeling it. Your Labrador. Hahaha. Lovezthat.

 à omg kate. Are you… ok?

 à hala ka. In the words of kate… OH MY! J

à uz. Mu tubo pami!!

 à damn. Us… we’re hot. No, those are just real smiles.

 à groupie love. mwah

 à stolen shot! See, I told you gi lamian siya!! Waaahahahahaha!

 à ladies and gentlemen. Let meelucidate GABA! Hahaha. Kathya’s allergic reaction to cheese! K

 à anghelo. Capless. The Indians wanted their banig back! Bwahaha. Joke!:”)

 à pose like you mean it. They don’t usually get short models. What a drag lil dude. J

 à tupac!!!! hahaha. pimpin.


*      yeah. Ima end it right here cuz that’s all you’ll need to know. I I told you everything. You might die laughing. Haha.

Peace! ;p

status on ym : i strongly believe that Anghelo shrunk the Titanic. end of discussion!

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  1. hahaha…i’m so sorry i missed out on all of this iss…this was,what,i guess two weeks ago and still i say i stupid or what?take care now!

    ps.i got a xanga so i can comment on you and sab.haha. =P visit it if you don’t wanna visit the blogspot. 🙂

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