whoever said that parties were better than shopping.. was partially true but still… i can’t avoid it anymore.

yes! happy birthday to me. well, happy 4 days after my birthday, that is. weeeh. it was awesome. but to be honest, we didn’t really do anything but, it’s the things that i got that made it totally righteous! [lol. i’ve been having the urge to say that word gyud] lmao.

anyways, ima fill you in on my birthday. shit. im finally 15. and im loving it. it ain’t that bad to be honest.

>> it was soo cute. it felt like christmas. i got to go shopping for two days straight! lmao. isn’t the awesome? on the first day,papa gave me 1000 to buy an outfit. was he serious? lmao. at least mother was there. i bought a top at fashion avenue. pricey piece of beauty. ;p i hung out with yumi, kristian, rodeena [her sisters], king and their parentals for a while. well, just until mother called me for coffee at starbucks.. it’s officially my drug.

then, we [me, mother, tita xtin] walked around and looked for my ipod. grrr.. nano lagi unta. the thing is soo tiny and like, it’s soo impossible. ;p but, gipang pull out lagi so, patuo nalang. anyways, we found one and of all the places BLIMS pa gyud. well, saon. they were looking for an ipod na o% within 6 months. well, hard knock life. gotta deal. at least i have an ipod. right?!

after that, me and mommy went to metro to buy myself a skirt which i never bought and capris. well, i found the capris and they’re cuuute.

so, after metro… i thought we were ready to go home BUT WAIT! my mom asked me if there was anything else i wanted then… LIGHT BULB! ISIS!! I bought myself aviator shades which i absolutely adore and a puma jacket that i cherish! i wouldn’t take it off.

it is to die for. drooooool.

>> when i got home, mother and fathe had to go somewhere [bussiness] so i played badminton wit this dude from across the street. i whooped his ass.. as usual. lmao.

i swear to g0d! it felt ike christmas. hehe. aye, basta, lahi gyud.

me and chub had on and off talks but you know how i don’t like talking on the phone anymore so we didn’t really chat long.

12 o clock. h o t n e z z. spell it wit me. h o t

omigosh. i was soo stupid. my phone started beeping and i was like, “12 na diay?!” lmao. bogo gyud. sembreak bitaw, chancE! 🙂 then, like papa called me and asked me to go upstairs to get something.. then, KNOCK KNOCK.

omigosh. it was soo cute. total kodak moment.

all the lights were off and there was a tiny chocolate cake on the cabinet thinggy and all of em wee singin happy birthday. they made me make a wish, blow out the candles, eat the cake or rather, watch casey eat it and do whatever i want. as long as i did it at home. if you know what i mean.. ;p lmao. just messing.


>> end <<

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