i absoulety love shopping. well, today was the last day of school befpre sem break and it was torture. UN day and everything “SAWUBONA. JUN MAH PEL ISSA. KUH MAH LAY VOO!” I hate playing africa but at least i looked fuky in this top that ended being a dress cuz.. i’m short. lmao. if you MUST knw. ;p but after that, i was over it and i hung out at the fourth year classroom and i bugged thehell outta Kristian. i sweartogod that pimp is pissed at me. lmao.

it was soo cool on the bus ride home, smokerz. puff. puff. puff.

– kills you slowly, kills you in your sleep. you know you wanna stop but you’re just too deep –

got down atjo’s chicken inato and ate a halo halo. but as usual, i didn’t finish it, lmao.

father gave me mollah to buy an outfit for tomorrow. hotnez. 🙂

i love shopping

buying shoes tomorrow and uhm, a hot skirt and shit. GETTING MY IPOD!!! shit babybeh,

well, it’s 1:20 and not a lot of people have greeted me. btut, it’s all good. abig kay wai party, ana na diay?! atay.

just playing.

bounce bitchez

im fifteeen now, and i can get away wit a lot of thingz na

fuck yourself , ” i can’t wait.” i can tell, you look like a whore anyways,

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