i know you’re getting tired of me.

– it’s a shame you don’t know the same things i know. that you feel the way i do for someone else or that hunneh we’re going down swingin.

today was fun. i love the fact that i can finally wet my hair! for a second i thought that i was loosing the curls. [dung dung] anyways, so.. here’s how my day went:

i spent like, an hour online chatting and looking for the african costume that ima wear for our fucking UN day where i have to be the princess of Africa for. isn’t that like a total insult to my tan?! haha. wakey wakey hunneh, you have no tan. that’s under exposeir to the freaking sun!! [in denial pa kaau ko!] so like, yeah. mao to. then, i got tiz message from paolo [guy i met at jet’s party] memoriiez. and he was asking me if i could go to yala at 12. but seriously, who goes to ayala at 12? i personally didn’t wanna go but, he kinda insisted that i go so.. i did. PAO, IF YOU READ TIZ. SORRY NALANG. LMAO. haha. so when i got there, i chilled at lil comforts for a bit [my ego] then, i went to dockerz to meet him. we walked around and then jet came. evil kaayoo. grrrr… brotherhood!

so, finally na abot sila chub and bayot [my two bitchez] and like, ugh.. if la ang guys.. i swear i would’ve jumped on them. god, i miss them like hell! not only the two of them though.

**sometimes i feel like i never left. sometimes i feel like i never left home. sometimes i feel like i’m always wanted. but i will always, always be alone**

so, we went to mcdonalds to eat lunch [ult. pig out place] i ordered the usual cheese burger meal. i would’ve pigged out more but, mother didn’t give me money. i was even hoping to buy a new shirt cuz like, i haven’t bought myself anything gorgeous in like, months! that’s saaad. unya, naabot si madera, alexa and em. we ate more and then we caught up with josh. he sat wit us and walked around wit us too.

it was soo wacky cuz like, we stayed outside penshoppe right? then kaning mga pisting buang, took out their camera’s and posed beside the cut-out piciez of penshoppe’z hotties models. and it just so happened that one of the piciez was a guy with his mouth wide open!! HAHAHA. GO NIN!! whattah posing. then i took a pic. uhm, showing off my shortnez. HEY!! I CAN’T HELP IT! lmao.

then, we all decided to watch a movie ONE MISSED CALL TWO! stupid kayg name sah?! hahaha. i swear to G i had the loudest, biggest shout ciguro. fucking movie scared the shit outta me!! 😛 although; the ending was kinda weird.. like, hello please connect kaau.

basta, di nako maligo, mu skwela, sakay awto, urgh. won’t think bout it nah

and then, i went to some stores and checked out the ipod nano’z… i want mine nah gyud!!

i made a list of the things i wanna change about myself..

my gradez [higher. obviously] my optimistic, make tennis my ult. sport, start saving, loose bilbil, eat healthy, be more.. kikay/ punk/ i dunno bout the image. i mean, simplicity is the best way to go right but, seriously. be nice. more religious. be more responsible, smart, hard working. will start making my own decisions and strive to make myself happy, then otherz.

call it selfless but, that’s me.

anyways, i goota bounce casey needs me. bye

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